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Does the Annual Pass guarantee instant beta access? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 10:47PM Poorly worded marketing is STILL false advertising. If they promise "immediate access" to the Beta when it comes out, anyone who subscribed to the Annual Pass during the time that particular wording was still being used should get that "immediate access", or they can sue/get out of their Annual Pass due to Blizzard not holding up to its own ToA for it.

Even fine print at the bottom of the agreement about "Offer subject to change without notice." doesn't get them out of it, because the offer was changed AFTER people had signed up. Anyone signing up after the change can't say anything, but those beforehand would most definitely have a case in court, due to the laws against false advertising.

For those who wish to doubt me, I will let you know I consulted my Father, who was a marketing executive for almost 40 years, and I had him read not only the original ToA for the Annual Pass (which I copied into a separate document when I signed up), but also this article. It is based off his conclusion that anyone wishing to file against Blizzard to get out of their Annual Pass would be justified based on False Advertising laws.

Scattered Shots: Grandpappy Frostheim on Ghostcrawler {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 4:34PM All this love and support for GC is making me sick to my stomach. GC is a gigantic jerk. Yes, he makes those lovely blue posts, but only because he is ORDERED to by Blizzard, not because he gives a rat's fart in space about the players. He also freely admits how much he loves to nerf certain classes, and "if it were up to him" he would "blah blah nerf this class to the ground".

Don't blame this stuff on the "kids" either. I know plenty of adults that go and troll the forums, QQing about this and that. I love WoWInsider, and always will, but this mindless love of GC makes me want to go vomit in the corner.

Death Knight solos (most of) AQ20 {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 6:37PM How can people be dumb enough to believe this? An SS proves NOTHING. You can be in a raid group, but in a separate group within the raid, and nobody's the wiser when you take your SS of "soloing".

Ossirian is NOT SOLOABLE. It's simply not possible for anyone to move that fast to deactivate the crystals, while simultaneously DPSing him, dodging the tornadoes, and healing. I throw HEALING in there because it would take damn near 30 minutes at the minimum to bring down Ossirian solo (in terms of damage), and unless DK's have suddenly pulled a shitload of heals out of their butt, there's no way one could survive a fight with Ossirian. If he even ONCE makes it into surpreme mode (where he does 300% more damage and can kill ANY high armored class with 5 hits in less than 10 seconds), you're a dead man, even with healing ability.

So, I say bullshit. Complete bullshit. This cannot be done. Post a MOVIE about it, which clearly shows him taking down the boss without any help, and I'll believe it. A screenshot proves nothing.

Death Knight solos (most of) AQ20 {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 6:01PM First of all, this DK is full of it. There is NO possible way to solo Ossirian. Unless this DK is capable of mad speed on foot, there is no way he could deactivate the Crystals and keep up DPS on Ossirian w/o dying. When Ossirian goes into extreme mode, it takes barely 4-5 hits tops to take you out... no matter what gear you are wearing.

How do I know? I soloed all of AQ20 except Ossirian the other night on my Prot Pally. It simply is not possible.

Also, he says he soloed Zul'Gurub, killing every boss. Again, I say bull crap. The Bat boss cannot be soloed since, unless you have a bag of limitless interrupts, she heals herself for about 40k health every 10 seconds or so with a greater heal. So unless DK's suddenly have the ability to heal themselves like mad, while having unlimited interrupts... I say bulls**t for both of his claims.