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The Queue: Conclusions {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 1:23PM Enchant your helm and shoulders and you should be good to go.

The Daily Quest: Catching up to patch 3.3 {WoW}

Dec 14th 2009 2:43PM TBH there is no reason to go to either side of the room for this...especially as a paladin. I stand at the door and refuse to do it any other way. Concecration + Holy Wrath = win. Also when did people forget about CC? If my shield is down and I can't pull the caster to me, I just have them CC'd.

I also run this on my priest and will not let people tank on the sides (as i always die first.) At the door I can stand behind the tank so he has time to react and then I shackle the caster/hunter.

Easy as pie.

Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 3:07PM Creative makes good products and I like free stuff...pick me!

Enter September's Guild of the Month contest {WoW}

Sep 1st 2009 3:54PM Quebec has different laws for gambling/raffle type contests. As a result they are often not eligable unless the sponsoring company registers seperately with the province of Quebec and not just the Federal programs covering the rest of the country.

Warrior changes in PTR Patch 3.0.8: Dead parrot edition {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 2:15PM @ Teapot...

5k deep wounds??? Can you share your spec...i'm getting less then 1k.