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Attention pro gamers: stop taking drugs {Joystiq}

Dec 6th 2006 9:46PM In all seriousness, there will probably be an exception for people who have current, valid subscriptions from an M.D., e.g. folks with ADD/ADHD on ritalin/adderall.

I would guess that a player barred from the league or not being able to take their medication would be able to sue under the provisions of the ADA or some such.

In my experience, someone who has ADD is most likely disadvantaged playing twitch games while on their medication, so it may not be a real issue for people that actually have the condition.

Apple Wants to Keep Kids Away From WoW {WoW}

Aug 15th 2006 9:39AM First, I'm not going to get into an Apple argument, because arguing about what OS is "better" or which computer megacorporation is "better" is retarded. You might as well spout off on teh internets about how everyone who like Mallomars is mentally ill.

Second, I work in computers so I get asked a lot of questions by the various people where I work. By far, the #1 question I get asked by parents is what's the best way to control their kids internet use.

Apple didn't add this feature because of WoW, or because they hate kids. They added this feature because parents (who buy the computers) want this feature. End of story.

I bet 5 internet points of honor that a similar feature is in Vista, if it ever comes out (snicker!). Heh. Vista. Can't wait, can't wait. (snicker!)

Repair Costs Spiraling Out Of Control {WoW}

Aug 9th 2006 3:14PM Another question is what this does for the secondary gold market. Since my guild is hitting BWL now, my repair costs are "only" at 12-15g per raid (we're wiping on Razor, getting close to downing him

Netflix to support HD DVD and Blu-ray {Engadget}

Jan 24th 2006 11:08PM The problem with GameFly (although I liked their service when I was a member) is that it's the cost of an additional NetFlix membership (I forget somewhere in the $10-20/month range).

I don't really rent video games since I tend to longer on them, and it often is actually cheaper to buy them (my wife and took 4 months to play through the rented Final Fantasy X... definitely should have bought it). But I'd like to rent umds for trips on planes and trains, and it would be nice if I could use my NetFlix membership for that...

So, I'm going to agree that it would be nice if they also supported UMDs.

Of course, my Neuros MP4 recorder should arrive soon... maybe I won't care about UMDs at all....

Expansion rumors about the new race {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 1:48PM I hope the draenei rumors are false... the draenei would be WoW's froglok, as they are not an ugly species but rather a disgusting one. =) I hold out hope for the Pandaren, but I guess Centaurs are ok. I hope it's not Naga. Bleh, but I hope to God it's not the draenei.

Breakfast topic: Dream Machine {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 10:12AM I'm currently waiting for the current parts: ASPIRE| XNAVIGTOR 500W CASE -- $154.00 ASUS A8N-SLI NF4 Motherboard -- $122.00 AMD 64 |3500+ ATHLON 64 939 RT CPU -- $201.00 2x 512Mx2|RW D400 ram -- $137.98 2x XFX GeForce 6800GT 256MB PVT45GUDF3 -- $558.00 PLEXTOR PX-740A DVD BURNER $59.99 320GB WD|7200rpm Hard Drive -- 131.00 FD 1.44MB|MITSUMI FA404A/404M (floppy/smart card reader) $21.99) CREATIVE|X-Fi Xtreme SOUND CARD -- $119.99 This should actually be more than enough to run WoW, as I currently run it either on a 1.4Ghz Athlon with a Radeon er, 9800? or on my Apple G4 laptop, and it runs fine on both (a little choppy on the laptop, but hey... it doesn't have the greatest video card).

How to fix Paladins {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 9:50AM I belong to an end-game raiding guild, so I guess I have a different perspective than LiquidZero (I never get told "learn2play" for example, it's just rude). In my guild paladins are fairly represented (I think we have 5 or 6 level 60s), and there are usually 2 along on a 10-folk raid, sometimes just one. I'm one of them, in case it wasn't clear. I'm actually fairly satisfied with the Paladin class. With SoC and a nice blue 2-hander like a Barbarous Blade or Zulian Axe I can pump out a fair amount of damage (I tend to be around #5 to #7 in a 10 folk raid), heal a bunch (although why I would stay in the back and heal is beyond me, since I have gobs of AC and HP), provide either an extra 740 AC or a 24 point damage shield to the tank, or pump up wither fire, frost, or shadow resist. Meanwhile, all mana classes have a mana regen on, the rogues and hunters have their aggro reduced, and I can backup heal the non-tanks in times of trouble. With a soulstone on, a wipe sets my guild back 5 minutes since I can resurrect everybody. Wait, what's wrong with the class? Oh, PVP. My experience in pickup PVP is that it's relatively disorganized, raid leaders don't set up balanced groups, and then the groups that are set up don't act together. In a situation where a group is uncoordinated, a paladin is stretched to the breaking point. But this is a problem of players wanting the Paladin to be an ass kicker, when it's not. Paladins are cobmat/utility troops that have some healing capabilities. In PVP, when no one takes advantage of your utility then you are sort of useless. But this is the people you're playing with, not the class. The problems paladins have in PVP are more indicative of WoWs relatively dumb implementation of PVP. I think if it had open access battlegrounds that were FFA, paladins would be shining much brighter.

Gold farming on new servers {WoW}

Dec 7th 2005 9:25PM I doubt it will be long before gold start to trickle in, since you can get a character to 60 in a matter of days--especially if you have sweat shop labor to grind through 24/7. But it will be a while until pick up raids and level 60s are common, and that's really what the gold farmer need in order to have a business. But rest assured, they're on the server, working their gold farmer magic =P