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Breakfast Topic: If you could add one new feature {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2009 3:40PM @Artifex: you are correct there would be some abuse of the system. however in pvp there is always abuse, ganking and camping is a form of abusing level and gear mechanics. big question is would bounties lowering camping outweigh the level of abuse that would be created?

@Deadly. Off. Topic: There would probably be some limits. Like if you have bounty on your head and your killed to collect the bounty you can not put a bounty on the person that killed you for the bounty.

The idea for this came about because leveling as a priest to 80 on a PVP server, I was killed ALLOT. My death stats where triple what my friends where on the same realm by the time i reached 80.

Breakfast Topic: If you could add one new feature {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2009 1:01PM 1) Bounties. "Player XXXX has killed you, Would you like to place a bounty for there head?" (from pop-up or grave yard spirit healer). Next player to kill player XXXX receives your bounty. Of course blizzard can get a cut (~5% deposit.).

2) Shared Max level professions. You can keep the 2 major profession limit. I just do not want to level enchanting, jewel crafting, leather working, etc. ever again to max level. All you hard workand then you realize after words that one of your alt's professions would have been better for those special "profession only" goodness.

3) Guild wars and grudges AKA Team Fortress 2 style. Reward system TBA.

A Lawyer's take on the new UI policy {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 12:11PM I see a Addon Updater being built into the game. By eliminating 3rd party "updating" software they can reduce the keylogers that target WoW. The heavily subsidized Authenticator is also a sign that they take the topic seriously.

There are two ways a password could be stolen in WoW. 1) Naughty code on the users computer sending Mr. X what ever they type. 2) In an Add-on that looks for key words in chat messages and relays that to Mr. X's toon and/or channel.

By hosting add-ons in there updater they reduce the entry point method #1 (aka how does Mr. X get his naughty code on your computer) and able to ban add-on makers that do #2.

requiring the add-ons to be open sourced doesn't guarantee that there would be no malicious code involved. However it does allow there to be a review of the code involved by others. Unrestricted peer review can fix bugs and catch malicious code. Open sourced also allows more rapid development cycle. If every addon had to develop a fubar, titan, ace3, etc. then we would have hardly no add-ons. As a programmer myself (hobby) i can tell you reinventing the wheel isn't fun and it is slow.

Naughty code likes to play in the closet. Would you rather have your closet door closed and hope Mr. X isn't in there, or have it open and know Mr. X isn't in there?

Who do you trust more Mozilla (Open source) or Microsoft (closed source)?

Time is Money: Addons to beat the Vendors {WoW}

Mar 6th 2009 10:37AM If you already have Auctioneer Advanced, you do not need an additional addon to sell gray items. Turn on AutoMagic and anytime you visit a vendor a message box will popup showing gray items in your bags and with just one click auto sell them to the vendor. This is a BIG time saver.

As for the comments about opening AH mail items. Postal is a must have. It is light, fast and does a great job. Postal also provides a drop down list of anybody in your guild and people you can save for quick links.

Vendorbait says in its DL page that it requires SellFish becuase of the GetSellValue API it provides. GetSellValue can come from more then SellFish. You only need one addon that provides GetSellValue.
* Informant (From Auctioneer)
* ItemDataCache (v1.11 and higher).
* ItemPriceTooltip by Bam.
* SellFish by Tuller.
* Valuation by Polarina.

Hard Mode raiding is here to stay {WoW}

Feb 19th 2009 9:57AM Got one better then shadowpriest. Try PvP realm as Holy Priest. 1-80 as Holy total current deaths 1334. Toilet paper for armor and i can't fight back.

WoW Rookie: Will my computer run WoW? {WoW}

Jan 29th 2009 1:52AM Hands down Video Card. Two things two avoid in desktop gamming. #1 Intergrated graphics, #2 Intel graphic.

The cnet review had the graphics card using a PCIe x16 slot. But the dell website does not list a PCIe x16 slot just a PCIe x1 slot.

Integrated graphics (99.999% of the time) do not come with there own video memory instead use part of your computers RAM (I.E. the 4x1gig dimm). The problem with this is your processor is now competing for the same memory bandwidth that your cpu requires to run ... well everything (vista/xp, WoW, web browser, etc.). So the more 3d you ask it to do the slower your cpu will run because it has to wait for the graphic chip to get done.

Intel graphics are normal designed for business use so to keep costs down allot of the 3d acceleration is either reduced or not present at all and emulated in the driver making your cpu to do some of the heavy lifting.

As another side note about video cards memory can be thought of like a buffer of sorts. When WoW asks your video card to do something it trys to perform that action. When a texture it needs is not in the "video memory" it has to load it either from the "RAM" and/or from the Hard Drive. This is noticeable when you first load into an area and you quickly turn around for the first time, The HDD light is on and game seems to have frozen for a split second. The video card needs a textures that isn't in the video cards memory and ends up retrieving it from the hard disk. The larger the Video Memory the less lickly the video card will need something that is not already in the video cards memory. Today's games (WoW included) seem to expect 512Mb of video card memory. Purchasing a video card with less then 512Mb can be hit with a server FPS hit when asked to do special effects that require allot of texures.

In sort :
Assuming a dell website typo. For the dell 518 i would suggest a ATI HD 4000 series, an NVidia 8000 series or higher. They are some very good price points right now and can be bought at a fraction what they used to. Also 512Mb will do for now 1Gb for video memory will ensure better longevity.

I have personally owned a Nvidia 8800gtx and currently own a ATI HD 4870. The ATI drivers are a pain to update and normally require a command line install to work, while nvidia drivers always installed correctly. However the 4870 gave a much better performance for the dollar AND better 3d render quality given the same settings. Both video cards can handle WoW on max settings (i upgraded to run crysis better).

In a few months when DirectX 11 comes out (both vista and windows 7 will support it) remember to update/upgrade from DirectX 10. DX 11 allows for the video pipeline to be multithreaded allowing the quad-core to be better used.

Breakfast Topic: Would you join an "Anything Goes" realm? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 10:30AM Requiring 18+ would make little to no difference. From MY personal experience people are still immature in general until 23/24+. But 21+ should be a good compromise.

Language would not be a great attractor as blizzard already has a "filter" setting to catch some "bad" language. Hate messages i would Imagen staying the same.

Another attraction would be a server with load times revolving around a work schedule instead of a school schedule.

Off topic:

Same faction pvp would be great. Some type of exclusion would be needed (party member, guild members, and major cities) becuase dps shooting the tank in the back during a pull would be a bad thing. I would say same faction pvp with a guild restriction would add a wonderful addition to a guild's dynamic.

Another idea would be to have a pure pvp class called "bounty hunter". Someone camping you, place a few gold on there head. The bounty hunter class would be able to travel to apposing faction cities hunt them down without guard interference. However combat with players that don't have a bounty is forbidden unless attacked first. Sorta like a heroic rogue class with 'home faction' land rules applied everywhere (when fighting a bounty pvp flag is not set). Possibly as making goblins a playable race, they are well established neutral class.

Way off topic:
Drunk PVP rules
1) PvP
2) winner drinks
3) repeat

The Queue: For poops and giggles {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 3:36PM I am doing this mostly from memory as i have not used a dial-up in years. Some of this may sound counter intuitive but i will try to explain why.

All dial-up modems use a com port, even the internal ones do they just come with there own. The connection speed normally reported to windows is from your computer to your modem NOT from your modem to the isp's modem. The response message (normaly "CONNECT 9600 v.42") when a connection is made shows the actual connection speed and error correction and compression.

You want the connection to your modem to be as high as possible (com port speed). This is because your modem performs of on-the-fly compression and can make the data throughput higher then the modem to modem reported rate would be. It also has a side benefit of reducing a possible bottleneck that would induce more lag. Note some dial-up modems are buggy with the max com speed setting.

If memory servers me correctly the data, error correction, and compression are all on there own carriers as not to "interfere" with each other. However on a noisy line this also increases the error rate causing the modem's error correction to kick in more often. On a noisy line it is better to turn off your modems compression (this is different then the compression in your ppp settings). I am assuming most of the packets in wow can have little to no compression as the modem compression was designed mostly for text. Turning off your modems compression should lower your error rate but you will not benefit from compression anymore (text in web pages would be slower but images faster). compression also adds to the modems internal lag as data has to be compressed before being sent. This is something you have to try with it on and off and see how it affects your game play.

Turn on you ppp compression. PPP compression is not normal data compression like the ones built into your modem or a zip file. PPP compression works by reducing your packet header and only sending the differences from the packet before it. This reduces your overhead for sending and receiving any given amount of info. The savings happen when you are sending/receiving to/from just one source. This is a big warcraft/online gaming scenario.

Get an external dial-up modem. Having a non wintel modem is a huge boost as most of the hardware based compression and error correction can have a big improvement. Also having the modem electronics away from the inside of your computer reduces allot of the internal noise issues. A wintel modem (most internal modems) is cheap because almost most of the hardware is now emulated in a driver. This is fine expect for when gaming and your cpu is under extreme loads your modem driver no longer has the resources it need for a quick response.

Your modems real connection speed and the compression settings are set with whats know as "AT" or attention commands. You might be lucky and have the options in your modem driver setting. If for some resin you can't find them they also listed in your modems INI file (advanced users only as it requires poking around in your windows directory to find it). Your modem manufacturer will most likely have a list of commands in the manual as they have a tendency to be different depending on chip set. The original "AT" commands and some background info can be found at wikipedia .

If your a hobbyist you might be able to make a filter that removes some of the noise from the phone line. Given how wide spread dsl and cable is now days finding commercially bought versions of this is next to impossible to find.

BTW if none of this works and you have at least some type of cell phone coverage verizon and maybe some others have a usb internet dongle. I switched from dial-up to one of those with an external ant. (because i was 30min from the nearest store type of boonies until i moved and now have cable). It is not cable speed but it is way better then dial-up.