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Arcane Brilliance: Leveling your Mage through Northrend {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 8:21PM Hey Guys

First up this is not a rant, I'm just feeling a little lost with my mage atm

Is anyone else finding it difficult now in L80 Heroics to top the DPS charts?

I mostly run with a Pali tank, in L70 heroics at L70 I was top of the damage meter 99% of the time as deep arcane spec. Basically since the patch before wotlk (where we got a free respec) my DPS seems nerfed (i put all the same talents back until wotlk), I figured it would get better at 80, and didnt really notice while levelling (as frost for survivability) I basically soloed to 80, but now I am hitting heroics it seems to really be taking its toll. I am mostly at the bottom for DPS in instances.
I've tried a heap of different specs and spell rotations but just cant seem to get there, even my pali tank out does me!
I have all my cooldowns macroed so they pop as soon as theyre up, I follow spell rotation suggestions for the specs I've chosen, and have experiment with others.
Oh and I've done gear level comparisons and my gear scores higher than most people I run with.
Gotta give that a big ol' WTF am I doing wrong or have we just been nerfed in comparison to the now seemingly OP pali tank who is not only nearly uncritable, has a massive amout of block stamina, strength, armor, wears plate, but also gets 5-10% more damage than me in a 5 man.

I always thought being restricted to cloth and thus being squishy warranted us being massive damage dealers.
This has distressed me so much I have stopped playing my mage this week and have been concentrating on getting my pali capped.

Gonna spend another 50 gold tonight and respec again and installing quartz castbar (although I see this as more of a hack than an add on as it abuses a latency flaw to get a gain in DPS.)

I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer here, and please hold back on the leetist attitude. LOL :D