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Spiritual Guidance: Reacting to the Circle of Nerfing {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 6:10AM Well, sometimes CoH was the best choice for me to get party back to full health, and there are fights where priests will miss the spammable spell but as others said we have other spells to use. Like Holy Nova, just get the glyph for it and u are okey. Excep that u cannot cast on different targets.

Yes, lazzy priest will have to use others spell to get party back. PoH is my final choice thanks to the long casting time, so i think i will position myself a bit better and just use 1-2 holy nova.

There are fights where only melees got aoe dmg, caster are out of range. If this happens just stand half way between melee and ranged and u can heal everyone with one single holy nova. In onther hand if the party members got dot dmg just send out of your prayer of mending and whatch how their life get back to full in a few secs.

According to my recount my maind heal is greater heal, then comes prayer of mending, renew, flash heal, CoH and PoH...
I will just simple use holy nova after CoH used up.

Maybe its time to make macros like if CoH ready use it, if not use holy nova...