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Is WoW being run by its B-team? Is that bad? {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 7:16AM There will never be a stage in this game that will please everybody, thats impossible and who ever thinks the oposite has a bit of growing up to do.

Unfortunately, as time goes by in this WotlK expansion, im starting to feel that whoever in WoW development is resposible for this most wonderfull game, the very best I've ever played, is starting to show some worrying signs of naivety. In other words, im starting to feel that Blizzard is slowly loosing the plot.
I have only been playing this game for a year now so, im not a fully ' hardcore-all-knowing-experieced" sort of player. Altho i have a reasonable experience in the game content I have no intenton of discussing attribites, abilities or skills of any given race or class or the fact that Paladins are pretty much invincible when properly played compared to a Rogue. What really worries me is not knowing why would someone with the resorces that Blizzard has would venture to new levels without sorting out whats left behind. Why would we have to go to a new patch without having known issues either sorted or permanently erradicated?
This is starting to sound like throwing a sweet to unrully children just to apease them.

Whats the strategy regarding to WoW future when some implementation in one patch is scrapped on the next? When a buff turns into a nerf? Why are flying mounts gettin cheaper? too many ppl complaining or is it just a clever way of trying to get ppl from buying gold from those goldsellers that continuously keep popping up in trade and in wisper? More important than anything else (mainly because it will reflex exactly what blizzard thinks of his customers) is why do I have to wait for 12HRS!! for an answer from a GM?? Lets all leave rough edges behind then! So next time we look back we end up with a Mammoth of a problem that no one will be able to fix.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Do WoW players make bad employees? {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 7:28AM PMSL!!
Probably the best coment in here so far.

I remember life without computers and some things never do change. There will always be escape goats, there will always be ppl in denial, there will always be Ignorants who, in this case, happen to have a position of leadership and I for 1, dont think i would like to work with a boss, or anyone else, that feels obligated to 'sniff' into what ever i do in my free time.

As for those that feel that 'Evil WoW' gave them such an addiction that screwed their lives be thankfull!! Could have been 'Jack Daniels' (as an example obviouly, I actually love the bugger :)) and the results would have been far worse. The first step to solve a problem is recognising we have one, the second is beeing brave enough to deal with it and act accordingly, pointing fingers wont work.

I could copy and paste a whole load of crap from dictionaries and any other speciality books but the fact remains that its within ourselfs that balance has to and MUST be kept. As for anyone elses opinion: Hard Luck! Live your lives! Leave mine to myself!

There will always be an opinionated fool with a degree on the subject (yes, they do exist!) that will address the issue with clever and well placed words, sometimes even touching, and still miss the whole point; We are humans, we make mistakes! Now, if we learn anything from them is a whole different issue...