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Win EveryAir for your iOS device from WoW Insider {WoW}

Feb 10th 2011 5:04AM Looks pretty cool!

15 Minutes of Fame: First Responders on the WoW scene {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 8:46AM Just wanted to thank the staff of WowInsider for the oppurtunity they afforded us, especially Lisa Poisso. I also wanted to relay on behalf of the rest of our team that we appreciate all the kind comments you guys had as well, it's a been a pleasure being apart of the gaming community for the past 5 years and while we occasionally have to endure the behaviors and attitudes that we feel are misguided, comments and support from the majority of you are what we know the WoW comunity is really all about. Thank you!

15 Minutes of Fame: First Responders on the WoW scene {WoW}

Dec 17th 2008 8:29AM I do agree with one thing that Noob is saying. We are just like everyone else. We're mothers and fathers, we're patriotic, we're hardworking and educated, we're proud of the jobs we do just like nearly everyone else. Most of the fire and rescue service provided in the United States is volunteer based which mean the majority of these people are programmers for example as there main source of income while taking time away from our families and playing video games. The term "civilian" is not meant to be used as a derogatory term, but it was used early on by the military side of our team and just picked up from there. As the article states, we can't survive functionally without a group of people like that and they are just as important to us as anyone else. If you need further justification then consider that the the Fire Department (just like the Police Department) is considered a paramilitary organization which is why there leadership titles are "Sergeant", "Lieutenant", "Captain", etc while at an office job like Noob's there leadership is likely things like "Manager", "Vice President" or "CEO" Our education is typically an equivalent to an Associates Degree (to be a Medic, an EMT is an entry level certification which can take as little as 3 months to earn as they provide Basic Life Support care) with line officers required to have a Bachelors or Masters Degree and with the new national standards our education will be the equivalent of a Resident Nurse (RN). It's hurtful to read comments alluding to us being "Med School dropouts" and "living in our parent's basement" while stating you "respect what we do for the community" but you obviously have strong feelings on these topics so I'll respect your opinions while politely disagreeing with them, in the end these are men and women that are just like everyone else, that just chose to serve the interests of people like yourself and this guild is in celebration of this wonderful community of people. I hope you found this to be at least informative in my corrections to your assumptions of what it is we do and what it takes to get there. Sorry for the long post everyone!