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Official forum changes, real life names to be displayed {WoW}

Jul 6th 2010 6:46PM Motivation.

I know my info is out there, but I feel "safe" in knowing that I really give no motivation for someone to "find" me.

Now apply this to the gameplay and conflictive nature of WoW. Do you think that these dynamics may somehow encourage some of the over 10 million players of the game to seek someone out in person? Be it for good or ill? THIS is what concerns me. THIS is why I will NOT be providing my real name.

The Daily Grind: 2009's defining moment {Massively}

Dec 30th 2009 2:55PM 2009, after playing AoC, War, EVE, CO, Fallen Earth, and LoTR, I finally went back to WoW confident that it IS and always WILL BE the best game out there.

Sorry and sad, but it's true and no amount of "burnout" can convince me otherwise. The depth, diversity, and downright playability that WoW has and which Cataclysm will just increase is astounding.

2009 is the year I realized it just doesn't get any better than WoW.

Wizard101 releases December patch {Massively}

Dec 15th 2009 1:20AM Eh, Wizard 101 never claimed to be a F2P game. It has a ten level trial that doesn't end. The content for those ten levels eventually ends, but you can keep playing the trial indefinitely. There's a big difference.

Wizard101 releases December patch {Massively}

Dec 14th 2009 9:52PM Try actually subscribing to a game before you gripe about having to pay to play it. Buying zones one at a time through microtransactions would be a headache in ANY game. 9 bucks a month and the whole gameworld is open. It's even a free download.

Wizard101 school housing info and video {Massively}

Dec 6th 2009 2:36PM I've played nearly every new MMO to come out in the last five years and NONE have the fun gameplay that Wizard 101 has. I keep coming back to it. Players of Magic the Gathering/Pokemon would and DO love this game as well as people of all ages. They boast nearly 5 million subscriptions.

The game is GOOD, FUN, and totally ADDICTING. The new houses, as with all microtransaction items are also available for ingame gold. The new houses run 100,000 gold each. Seems like alot, but it's not really.

Also...there is NO Water School. That would be the Storm School's House. The person who wrote this article obviously has never played the game. The opening sentences provide a very discouraging view of a tremendously fun and engaging game.

As far as paying for the costs a whole 9 dollars a month for unlimited access or you can purchase zones individually. There's even a Family account plan where 2 or more accounts only cost 6 bucks a piece. It's worth it...Mounts, Housing, Gameplay based on "Spell Decks" that create different encounters every fight, full voiced quests...EVERY quest. I love it, my kids love it, you should try it.

The trouble with goals in MMOs {Massively}

Nov 30th 2009 7:32PM "The fun "you are having right now" has much to do with what the game tells you or forces you to do. Goal generation is central to the quality of games, because what you do in games is all about progressing towards goals that, most often, the game is central in providing."

This is true, but only to a certain extent. Take AoC for example...While I relished the idea of creating a player made city and engaging in sieges, the multidirectional combo attack system ultimately proved too laborious/monotonous for me to continue.

That would be a case where the goal was quite desirous, but the gameplay wasn't worth the effort involved..hence I wasn't having fun "right now" and I quit the game regardless of the goals.

To me the minute to minute gameplay must be entertaining and compelling before I even consider embracing the goals a game provides me.

Jagex gets RuneScape fraudster arrested in the UK {Massively}

Nov 30th 2009 5:10PM Gaming Companies sink just as much "real-world" money into the development and execution of an MMO as do other forms of entertainment such as making movies or creating music.

I get a "real world" good in the form of a Gamebox/CD just as I do with Movies and Music. I put it into a machine and enjoy its content, just as I do with Movies and Music.

Movies and Music on their own are just as intangible as MMO's are.

If you want to get technical you could say that Gold Farmers are literally taking a pixelated image they do not own nor did they create..i.e. a gold piece icon...and then selling it to make a profit for themselves.

That would be comparable to me printing out screen shots of Darth Vader from StarWars and then selling them.

The internet has ALOT of growing up to do and the protection of intellectual property should be paramount.

The steps this company is taking are hopefully merely the tip of the iceberg.

Like I said..this isn't a PLAYER issue..its a DEVELOPER issue and they have every right to protect their intellectual property and receive proper restitution for their efforts.

The MMO industry is at a point where it needs to start being taken just as seriously as any other form of intangible mainstream entertainment.

The trouble with goals in MMOs {Massively}

Nov 30th 2009 4:42PM I agree with your points Evizaer, but you seem to misunderstand me.

I'm talking on a Real Life level insofar as games(entertainment) having significant importance or meaning enough to justify the involvement necessary to reach target goals. That's why I say that in the end nothing really matters in regards to goals in an MMO because the outcome is irrelevant to your real life and the whole endeavor is and should only be considered entertainment.

It's not about goals. It's about the fun you are having right now, playing the game. The gameplay is paramount.

Achieving goals ingame has no relation to success in RL, therefore you must decide whether it's worth the sacrifice, or more to the point, is the gameplay FUN enough to warrant the effort.

Jagex gets RuneScape fraudster arrested in the UK {Massively}

Nov 30th 2009 4:48AM "Self-righteous much? Sending people to *jail* for scamming people out of fictional goods is way over the line."

I completely disagree.

These items ARE NOT fictional. They are as real as a pirated DVD or a ripped MP3.

Real people paying real money to develop and release a real intellectual property and now paying people (GM's) to guard it. They have every right to protect their intellectual property by pursuing real criminal charges for anyone attempting to gain these items illegally or through deliberate fraud.

Don't look at this from the players perspective. Look at it from the developer's perspective.

The trouble with goals in MMOs {Massively}

Nov 30th 2009 4:29AM "I have a lot of difficulty with MMOs becoming so goal orientated. I don't think this is a design issue, but rather a playerbase choice that developers have had to satisfy."

I agree with this.

People need to realize that ALL gaming is redundant and pointless. MMO's shouldn't be about large world shaping goals because in the end...nothing really matters..

MMO's, like all games should be about the present. The here and now. Right now sitting in front of your computer playing a game you should ask yourself...Is this fun? Is this worth the total absolute waste of time? Do I like this Gameplay? Am I amused enough to sacrifice real world accomplishment, whether social or financial, for ingame? Am I enjoying myself RIGHT NOW?

Once target goals and things come into the picture then the game slowly starts to morph into the worst kind of irresponsible responsibility. A job that you have to pay to keep. Meanwhile the real world starts to pass you by.