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Bike Break: Insanity on a Hayabusa {Autoblog Archive}

May 17th 2007 6:05PM I say real. It looked like he was going way faster than any boring in car nascar cameras.

My buddies Honda F4i does 140mph, this is over twice the engine, and at least quadruple the horsepower and torque.

I'd say it's legit

Bill banning iPods and cellphones on New York City streets coming {Engadget}

Feb 7th 2007 5:16PM Hello Carl Kruger,

Being a frequent visitor to New York City I thought I'd share my thoughts on the rumors (I have not seen any official documents) stating your idea of banning the use of electronic equipment from use in crosswalks.

It's in every way absurd! There have been two deaths, one that is strongly believed to be the result of the use of electronic equipment while walking across a street. Do you not see that this is not the result of electronic equipment usage but the result of carelessness and negligence?

Have you yourself not used an electronic device while walking? Actually from the looks of it, you have not done much walking, or other physical activity in some time. If this "ban" passes, up next should be a ban on lack of physical activity. I'd rather be hit by a car from my own ignorance than end up in bad physical health.

Thank You for reading,
Tyler Love

Free Wi-Fi for Vista Users {Gadling}

Jan 29th 2007 5:57PM So how do I trick them into thinking I am using vista?

People ruining microwaves, creating a stink because of Reuters report {Engadget}

Jan 29th 2007 4:12AM Can we PLEASE stop using the term "Darwin Awards" when it doesn't apply. You have to either die or lose your ability to reproduce to be eligible.

Off-roading in a McLaren F1 {Autoblog Archive}

Oct 30th 2006 5:13PM The McLaren F1 is probably in my top 5 favorite cars of all time. Who spends such money on a car and declines an excuse to get to drive 150 miles? And what kind of $70,000 receives paint chips when traveling 5mph?

Oh well, awesome story...I just need another $1.19999 million for mine

Jobs: "you have to buy a new iPod at least once a year" {Engadget}

May 26th 2006 6:34PM This is COMPLETELY out of context. The title is misleading he was referring to if you wanted to stay up to date with the latest and greatest.

It's not like the iPod is updated more often than any other gadget. You still get what you paid for...

Fresno?!?! {Gadling}

May 8th 2006 2:36AM I live just south of Fresno myself. I never thought much of Fresno until the past year or two. I used to travel about 3.5 hours south to Los Angeles any time I needed a big city for something but Fresno really is a great city.

The great micro-breweries are everywhere around here too and they are great. They all put off this, semi-hippy, clicky, but friendly vibe. I didn't realize how unique that was until I started traveling more!

What's in the Engadget swag bag? {Engadget}

May 4th 2006 3:05PM The Last Samurai HD-DVD

WoW on the Mac Safe From Windows {WoW}

Apr 12th 2006 12:50PM Gosh it drives me nuts when people comment on the "single mouse button". First for any well designed Mac app that follows standards, a second button isn't neccessary. CTRL+Click however usually does what you think a right click would do.

All that said, I use a Mighty Mouse...I was going to wait for a wireless version to come out but I'm glad I didn't considering it's been probably close to a year.

The Rising Cost of Respecs {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2006 2:21AM I have respec'd twice now with my main warrior. I hate to admit it but I was lvl 22 with my first char before I had even realized what talent points do. I actually did a decent build off the bat but respec'd to fix some problems. I have since unlearned my talents once more to be more pvp/grinding friendly but I am really thinking about going protection and being an insanely good tank...besides, instances are what I enjoy the most and a good tank spec would probably do well in AV too.

I could just imagine having 5,000 armor and a huge amount of strength and stamina.