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StarCraft II delayed until 2010 {Joystiq}

Aug 5th 2009 5:35PM WoW, talk about a kick in the balls.

At least I can now take a year off from even looking at D3 news, any more time spent here or any other D3 site is just a complete waste of time and emotion.

I got to be real honest here. Im really getting tire of Blizzards tactics of enducing hype to the media 3-5 years early, and making it look like said game is only a couple years away at max, of course, never actually saying anything other than a big "fuck you, it will be ready when its ready, bitches." type attitude.

When is the media going to jump on Blizzard for these tactics? Were else in business is there a company that releases this kind of hype leading people to believe the product is just around the corner, and then pushes back their completion schedule EVERY SINGLE TIME. It would be one thing if this happened 1 in 5 games, but when release date push backs happen every single time, when is it time to label Blizzard the same type of hype pushers as say, Peter Molyneux or The Segway.

Its terribly frustrating that as a customer to all their other games, and the billions of dollars that they have from said games, that they cant allocate enough money to meet deadlines and schedules in a timely & professional business manor. Why are they not putting some of that money back into the intrastructure in order to get these titles out without these push-backs?

Only in the video gaming industry would a company get away with this type of scheduling, and actually lead their competitors. Imagine if you had these push-backs every single time and you were a large scale building contractor.... simple put, you wouldn't be in business long.

I think Im getting to old to put up with Blizzards release date bullshit.

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 20 {Engadget}

Sep 8th 2007 7:10PM Engadget Rules! Im going for the win!

Social guild events {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2007 7:22PM Personally, Id rather play "tea" with a bunch of dolls....

Why would I want to waste hours with a bunch of people I really dont know outside of WoW, setting off fire crackers and drinking ale?

Seems like the most pathetic thing in the world to do.

IMO, you should have logged off and gone to hang out with your real world friends, if you havnt lost them all by now doing in-game "tea partys"

Come on folk, playing this game 4+hours a day is enough. Stop, grow up, and turn the game off when your not doing something productive in-game like actually playing.

Im an Officer in a guild, and if anyone tried to set this up, Id be like.... "I quit, you bunch of carebear nancys."

Alone together in Molten Core {WoW}

Jul 29th 2006 12:22PM Seems like the people you play with are simply boaring people. You, also sound like someone I wouldnt wait to play this game with, author of the article.

Remember the world in which you live and play, is what YOU make of it.

I suggest you stop inviting stale, boaring, and socially defective people to your guild, or your stay in WOW endgame will be a short one.

In other worlds, stop your bitching and heal. When your not healing, have fun.

Mind-controlled games in the near future? {Joystiq}

Jul 13th 2006 12:59AM ITS THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Run!


Want to go to Blackwing Lair? {WoW}

Apr 13th 2006 7:21PM "As for me, I've got to wonder - how can you blog and raid at the same time?"

Easy answer... Play a Hunter. Trust me, it can be done. If I can make a full course meal while playing my hunter in there, your can write a blog.

Molyneux's Lionhead cuts staff, axes projects {Joystiq}

Mar 7th 2006 12:46AM They should have killed him after he fucked up Fable so bad... I wish him all the worst.

PlayStation 3, conceptual design? {Engadget}

Jan 16th 2006 4:51PM This is a great article for this site! *Thumbs up*

What articles like this do is bring the issue of Sony's PS3 secrecy to their own attention. Where as before we were just "nerds" posting on forums or talking with buddies, now we have main stream people pointing at Sony and saying.... "What is the deal?!?!"

Now there is people in the industry that are asking the questions that most of us have been asking, on top of that, this article has a hint of a hidden agenda...

...I would assume that this article is also being issued in hopes to "sway" Sony to putting out so info, and squash the rumors once and for all.

Good Job Engadget!!!!!!!