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Know Your Lore: World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gilneas {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 2:21PM I hereby make no apology for the misplacing of my post. Its connected to my previous one above, and the expression of emotional and literary genious that is its reply.

Know Your Lore: World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gilneas {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 2:19PM Jesus Christ it was just a joke! People like you are why I normally post my opinion here and then leave it and move on rather than getting into decent lore and theorycrafting discussion with likeminded people, but this time I thought to myself "hey, it was only a joke I posted, so I'll see what this response is all about... maybe a somthing that'll make me laugh and brighten my day..." How wrong I was.

Now for the customary internet revenge :)
Your social capabilities = fail. Why are you so full of hatred. Why not just accept the joke (no matter how unfunny) and move on? Clearly, pointing out your right makes all your failings seem a little bit smaller. Seriously, why is the internet full of nothing but hatred and one-up-manship? You, sir, are a braggart and a nincompoop! Fly Augustus!

Know Your Lore: World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gilneas {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 12:00PM The look of Gilneas has the perfect atmosphere for me as a hordie to don my Headless Horseman's healm and ride around on his mount laughing and scaring all the low level worgen.

But then Worgen will probably be so OP that a freshly rolled one will easily one shot my lvl 85 tank by then! :P

Day one of BlizzCon 2009: Round-up {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2009 9:57AM The example maps from Blizzcon that show the level ranges and levelling path through the zones suggests 1-60 in old Azeroth.

I'm wondering whether Northrend will entirely escape the cataclysm, because NR would be the perfect place to add in some new 60-70 quests (as well as its 70-80 ones) in some slightly altered zones, so the playing experience is more fluid... rather than having to leave Azeroth to go to Outland which no longer has a very strong connection (through current and future storylines it seems) to Azeroth. However, that would mean skipping almost an entire expansion's worth of material, which would be bad for the devs at Blizzard (all that hard work wasted for new players not going there) and bad for new players who will still have to buy TBC but not really play any of it other than rolling a Belf or Draenei.

Breakfast Topic: What do you think of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm? {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2009 8:59AM I want to know what all those people who said flying in old Azeroth would never happen are doing now :P

Overall, somethings sound great, I love the idea of a completely ruined world (although I will miss some of the old zones, so I'm gonna get my fill of them as they are now for nostalgia's sake!) but I'm not sure, being a hordie, whether I'm gonna enjoy being completely surrounded by newly rolled goblins everywhere I look in the horde cities. Belfs were ok because at least they are somewhat a form of eye-candy compared to goblns :P

To be honest though, these changes will either make or break this game. They are so massive that they could lead to some really interesting new ways of playing WoW, but at the same time, they might instead alienate all those people who love the current gameplay because it probably would feel like an entirely new game rather than an xpac, unless some of these changes are rolled out slowly over the months before the xpac is released.

I'll probably get a trial copy of Cataclysm first to be safe, and compare it with a trial of Aion and choose between them, and if I don't like either I'll just stick to Warhammer Online.

Patch 3.2.0a being deployed today {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 8:49AM You have a monitor, Hoboken?

I just constantly wear a pair of those monitor glasses, so my screen is always right in front of my eyes taking up my entire field of vision. So where ever I go, there I am (in Azeroth :P )

Patch 3.2.0a being deployed today {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 8:45AM Good to know it wasn't just my WoW client acting up then.

I wondered whether this issue was caused by the same hack the gold farmers were using to travel underground to make sure they could get to all nodes fast, but then surely they couldn't hack the game that much to affect other players' movement could they? So then I thought maybe it was a quick fix Blizzard implemented to try to make the underground miners with their speed hacks shoot miles past the nodes they were going for so that the rest of us (without speed hacks) would only go a little beyond the node and be able to get back to it before the hackers could.

Either way I hope they fix the issue somehow - titanium is almost nowhere to be seen now. Maybe add in some code that recognises underground and speed hacks so that players can attack those using them even if they're on the same faction and AoE them down if they're underground :P That would have made my lvl 5 troll so happy when he saw that lvl 1 Orc zooooom past him out of the Orc/Troll starting area and end up in Org 30seconds later, probably only to commit suicide to spell out a website. And about that... anyone know how they kill themselves? Is that a suicide hack as well or have they actually found an ingenious in-game way of doing it?

The lost art of crowd control {WoW}

Aug 13th 2009 8:43AM Matt and Eudeyrn, don't be so quick to dismiss your Hexxing as useless. While it might not be the best in PvP, no CC is really that great in PvP as most PvPers will take the "PvP talents" to counteract them anyway. As a Pally, when I cast repentance on an enemy player it lasts around 4 seconds if I'm lucky, despite the tooltip saying it lasts "up to a minute". Repentance just gives a PvPing paladin another escape mechanism more than anything. The only PvP CCing that I still find really annoying and overpowered compared to all others are the stunlocks from rogues (and while I'm on the case of annoying PvP issues, can't Blizz limit the number of debuffs 1 player can place on another, I mean I get about 10 debuffs on me from 1 warlock or 1 rogue alone sometimes! :P )

But anyway, back to the case at hand, as for PvE CCing, when I'm tanking as a prot pally I prefer the Shaman's Hex to any other CC. It lasts a fair while, unlike in PvP the Hexxed mob can't run off and come back when it wears off, and doesn't break when I consecrate, so I can continue to AoE the trash down. The most powerful PvE CC in the game.

Breakfast Topic: How phasing could be used in-game {WoW}

Aug 12th 2009 11:09AM I love phasing loads, and while I can see it leading to some great solo immersion, I can only see it causing problems for groups, unless the same people group up all the time for the content. While phased raid exteriors might not be a problem, as long as everyone could get in and face the same content, it would ruin the immersion if you went up to the Citadel all by yourself wondering where your friends were because they were in a different "phase" only to then see them all appear inside when you go in. To me there's something special about storming into a raid portal together no matter if its the first of thousandth time.

I'd rather see more solo play phasing that doesn't require groups so there's be no problems with group members being in different phases, but for the raid outcomes, I'd rather they wrapped up the stories in a way similar to what Lesley suggested but through content patches. The problem there is that recent patches have been coming too fast that it would spoil it for the majority of guilds if the Ulduar story had been wrapped up in 3.2, so maybe it could happen a few patches later. Or at least the old world and Burning Crusade stories could be updated now and Wrath content wrapped up in a patch in the next expansion.

Breakfast Topic: Most frustrating non-drop {WoW}

Aug 6th 2009 11:15AM I will always believe that Blizzard has implemented a basic algorithm that scans the stats of the people in you're party and then selects the least likely item anyone actually needs from the possibilities in the loot table for that particular boss and drops said item.

Maybe I'm just really unlucky (for myself and others in my groups) but it would explain why the gearing runs I went on for all our guild's clothies and platies all of last night dropped only leather and mail! And also why I've never seen the Essence of Gossamer (I've always specced for avoidance over stamina hoping that the trinket would drop for to compensate with a stamina boost, but somehow the system knew that and never let me have it! :P ) But now at least I can farm the Black Heart as much as I want giving me a better chance of getting it.