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Arcane Brilliance: The wonders of Frostfire {WoW}

Dec 19th 2008 4:49AM Agree w/ Thundrpants. Yesterday I started getting flack from our guild's "mage lead" over my full frost spec. Everywhere you look people are telling you to spec FFB or gtfo. Blizzard has already said that after the hunter nerf they have their eyes on mages, and I for one hope that FFB spec chokes on the nerf bat. FFB spec's dps is only going to get more ludicrous in better gear, and as it stands already in naxx gear it ha singled itself out as the only 'viable' raiding spec by being such high single-target dps. This is obviously a huge fuck up on blizzard's part and the sooner it is fixed, the better.

Yes, I sold out and re-spec'd FFB for our raid tonight, and my dps predictably shot through the roof. It was my first time raiding as anything other than full frost, and within 30 minutes i was beating our mage lead. The spec requires no skill, has no unique utility, zero survivability, wild and spiky threat, and is indeed cookie-cutter shadowbolt spam at its worst, making your preferred playstyle completely irrelevant in the face of such overpowered dps. I immediately spec'd back out of it, as the thought of remaining FFB thru heroic 5-mans, dailies, and farming made my skin crawl. Of course with dual-specs FFB will be my off-spec single target nuker spec, but until then I see no reason to experiment with it any further. Grats to arcane mages like Christian for their incoming buffs, and lets pray that mages of all (sensible) specs can continue to top the charts.