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The science behind the iPhone 4's antennas {}

Jun 25th 2010 8:06AM People suggesting solutions like "use a case", "use a headset" and now, "attach some tape to your phone". Just, No. I shouldn't have to pay for a pro piece of kit like this and then aftermarket fix what the designers couldn't be bothered to test. Soft cases are usually flimsy and break, and hard cases usually increase the size and weight of the phone, I've never used a case, i simply keep my gen 1 iPhone in a pocket to itself and it has no scratches on it at all, after 3 years. As for using a bluetooth headset, you look like an idiot so no, i'd rather not. My point is, the product should work as advertised (this new antenna as an innovation, not a liability) without the users having to 'fix' it right out of the box.

Apple updates MobileMe {}

Jun 19th 2010 3:36AM It would actually make it a good service rather than an overpriced one if they did. I find it laughable they charge for this, when every service they provide can be found elsewhere and for free. Dropbox anyone?

Buying an iPad, one month later {}

May 6th 2010 10:34AM This blog actually used to be interesting before the iPhone and iPad came out but now you should just rename yourselves to The Unofficial iPad Weblog. Honestly, flame this comment if you like, but your constant articles on iPads seem to get more and more unnecessary by the day.

A video guide to Grid {WoW}

Apr 4th 2009 11:54AM What's that addon he's using to show his cooldown on Riptide? looks nice

Breakfast Topic: Soloing your way to a new ride {WoW}

Dec 27th 2008 11:10AM Feral druid tank, Resto druid healer is the best combo for Anzu, or most of these rare mount dropping bosses. At 70 me and a feral solo'd the raptor boss about 30 times and it never dropped. We're now trying for the Raven - much easier and quicker at 80, just stealth all the way there, clear his room, stick the moonstone in and tank him down.

Holy Paladin goggles added in patch 3.0.8 {WoW}

Dec 20th 2008 11:05AM I took up engineering on my resto druid very early and only for the goggles. Now I don't see much point anymore, they used to be quite competitive with high end raiding gear and now they just seem to be provided for people leveling up. Even if i could wear the cloth version - for the "must have" thing of the whole profession each set seems to be sorely lacking in stats.

I'm bitterly disappointed and have already dropped engineering, a completely useless profession. They could have at the very least provided Schematic drops like they did in BC, and i don't want anymore crit thanks... i'd like some sick regen.