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Blood Pact: Warlocks taking a hit {WoW}

Dec 20th 2008 11:38PM Warlock PVE damage is harder, but still very effective. You may not win the battle of AOEing trash, but who cares if you top DPS charts on trash, it's all about the bosses. We are not worthless on trash and if you use Seed, Dots, Rain of Fire well you will still be near the top.

Yes, you have to keep track of at least 6 timers on your friendly DoTimer. However, your single target damage is very good. I haven't been on a run where I haven't topped the damage meters on Patchwerk or any other boss that is a reasonably stationary fight. On many moving intensive fights, I still put out top 3 DPS.

However, I do find that my DPS fluctuates quite a lot depending on raid composition.

I think the main source of QQ about Warlocks come from the fact that the Affliction rotation is much harder than spamming one spell and people are not used to it. Some of us may not have the attention span or patience to watch 6-8 timers and if you can't keep your rotation up, your DPS is gonna fall significantly. Go practice on the training dummy and see how good Warlock damage output is. After they nerf hunters, more locks should top meters.