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Breakfast topic: When Blizzard listens {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 9:26AM For those asking "What about the Horde?" - What would the equivalent be? The only mobs I know Horde-side that come close are the Alliance riders in the Barrens, but nobody makes a 40-man, all Troll (or would Tauren be a better parallel to Gnomes?) raid to go attack them.

And I know folks Horde-side who have rolled up a level one Alliance to participate in Hogger Raids, so I'd say it's pretty universal.

The Martin Fury scandal: Karatechop reveals all {WoW}

May 1st 2009 3:26AM It's been said over and over, but here's my problem with it:

Don't think it's real and want to test it out, fine. Oh hey, I wiped out a bunch of critters. Neat. So does Sleepy Willy. Heh, joke shirt, that's kinda silly.

Oh hey, let's try it on [insert raid boss here]. Holy crap, it works. Um... I don't think that should have happened. No way are they giving me an "iwin" button that I can push whenever I want to.

At that point, a ticket should have been opened. Someone in that raid or guild HAD to see that something was wrong and reported it.

If I was totally ignorant of the item, I admit, I would have tested it. Possibly even on a raid boss. But the SECOND I realized it did, in fact, serve as a functional iwin button against anything I wanted? Ticket open, stop the raid, nobody loot.

Is Blizzard at fault? To a degree, yes. A mistake was made on their part. Was him testing the item an issue? No, I don't think so. It's possible, even for longtime players, to be ignorent of such a thing, and thinking it's a joke item is fine.

It's the fact that he kept going, kept using it after the fact. If you know it's not a joke item, why would you risk your account over it?

One use, maybe two if the first one was rats in Deeprun Tram or something (I could see there being an "AoE Critter Killer" item) is an "oops" on your part, but 14? And of those, multiple raid bosses? Come on man, you HAD to know that wasn't supposed to be used by players at that point, or someone in your raid/guild did and told you.

That's the issue here. Not that he tested it, but that he verified it worked on whatever he wanted, then CONTINUED to use it.

Randomizing the Strand of the Ancients spawn points {WoW}

Apr 29th 2009 2:04PM @ 9
AV does favor Alliance, when it's not 40 vs 12, which on my battlegroup it was for a LONG time. Now that the marks are required for the honor turn-in again, it's back to more or less even.

And Strand kind of bores me, to be honest. I got some of the achievements, but playing as Alliance, some of them are significantly easier. Horde side has 4 people when it starts? How easy is a quick zerg to the gates when they can only defend the first 2, then try to run through the vehicles to "defend" the next set? Usually they get a full team before the relic is captured, but by then, we're at the door.

No offense to the design, but I want a fair fight (shocking, I know, but if we lose because the Horde just played better, I'm still happy)

Varian Wrynn is Right, Part III {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 11:23AM I'm sorry, are we thinking of the same Broken Front? The one where Horde soldiers on a recon mission came upon Alliance soldiers fighting the Scourge and attacked them from behind?

Talking to the Dying Berserker:
"Gathering... information.... on the Scourge.
Alliance forces appeared...
We took cover - waited until they attacked the gate,
then, we hit them from the rear.
Pinched between us... and the Scourge... it was too much for them...

Brother... it was... glorious."

When you return to Korm, the dialogue that comes up is as follows:
"They saw the Alliance assaulting the gate and they attacked them from behind...

THAT is what it means to be HORDE!

Were it not for them, the Alliance maggots would likely be holding that gate!

Their boldness has bought us precious time."

So, where in that do you infer that the Alliance are the instigators? The Horde chose a dishonorable, cowardly battle, rather than doing what they should have and HELPING take the gate.

The article is spot-on. The Horde has shown time and time again that Thrall's talk of peace is just that - talk. They either don't understand what direction their so-called leader wants to take them in, or they don't care.

Blizzard gets an F at the Better Business Bureau {WoW}

Apr 20th 2009 5:44PM @Dave, in response to this:
"Double that if you got hacked and someone deleted ALL your characters but Blizzard declares you only get one back EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT if you get hacked."

Getting hacked is usually the fault of the person getting hacked.

Very rarely do you get someone who actually breaks through firewalls, circumvents passwords, etc.

90% of the time, the person who got hacked opened an untrustworthy attachment, followed links to keyloggers, etc.

Working in computer repairs, I see a lot of it. Fake "Anti-virus" warnings saying your computer is infected are common. People click them all the time, and then they're infected.

The first thing ALL of them do? Blame their anti-virus program. Well, if you tell it to ignore something, it'll do what tell it.

People like looking for someone else to blame. Blizzard, in that regard, it telling it like it is: If your account got hacked, YOU did something wrong. You gave someone your password when you shouldn't have; accepted a download from an untrustworthy site or attachment, followed links you couldn't verify, etc.

Blizzard has put a lot out there to try and help their customers avoid that sort of thing, but in the end, if you don't listen, you screwed up. Period.

Blizzard gets an F at the Better Business Bureau {WoW}

Apr 20th 2009 4:33PM Looking over some of the user-submitted feedback, it's amazing how black and white some people see things. The ratings are all either amazing, or horrible.

It's also interesting to note how many of the negative comments are poorly written, wall-of-text style, or just scream "Nerd rage" (the best is the one that claims all the positive reviews are "plants" from Blizzard. Paranoid much?) - only a few strike me as being legitimate complaints.

On the same topic, why does the feedback section for the BBB comments have an option to rate a comment as "funny"? How serious can you take an organization that lifted it's "user comments" layout from Amazon? I certainly can't take them too seriously after seeing that.

Blizzard is far from an A, but an F? Granted, an F from the BBB is like a C in the real world, so I guess it's not all that bad.

Guildwatch: Let them eat cupcakes {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 11:58AM Alexandrious is formerly of The Scryers, and was a problem there as well.
(Post 23 of this thread is a necro bump for the issue Guildwatch just hit on)

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King giveaway {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 9:21AM Commenting!

The Queue: Seven {WoW}

Mar 12th 2009 7:53PM "bundee said...

This seems like a lot more work than mere re-animation, like in death knights."

True, but we're talking about a group that created things like Thaddius and Patchwerk. Not everyone who dies in Azeroth will be reanimated, or even seen as useful when reanimated. It's possible that, for whatever reason, the undead dwarves, gnomes, and tauren are simply being herded (cow joke slightly intended) to places like the Fleshworks and being used as parts. They may or may not be self-mobile in getting there.

I mean, clearly the plague CAN raise all the races. One of the four horsemen is a dwarf. Darkrider Arly is a gnome. There is a scourged Tauren in the comics. There ARE Orc Death Knights. But the fact is, those fall outside the norm. They were all exceptional, not the rule. The general rule seems to be, humans and trolls as the main fodder of the scourge, all other races are either elite members, or used as parts.

The Queue: Seven {WoW}

Mar 12th 2009 5:07PM The most logical reason you don't see Tauren/Dwarf/Gnome undead is that the ones who do fall to the Scourge are used as parts. Dwarves are a sturdy race, their bodies are stocky and tough, which means they're supported by a sturdy skeleton. The same can be said of Tauren. Gnomes, on the other hand, are likely used for smaller parts. An abomination's finger may well contain a Gnome rib, or femur, etc.

Logically, the Orcs fall into the same category, although it would be significantly harder for an Orc to be used for such purposes. Orc customs involve a funeral pyre, which leaves next to no remains to be scavenged, and Orcs seem like the kind of people who would make efforts to recover the body of a fallen soldier expressly to honor them with said pyre.

Most of the other races make the mistake of burying their dead, and the plague has shown that it can infect the earth itself, so burial is not the safest option. Tauren are another exception to this; it appears they leave their dead on special racks, most likely to be eaten by animals in a "return to the earth" sort of way. That still leaves them vulnerable to scavenging, however. A necromancer might not get a body to work with, but they'd likely get at least a few bones, which goes back to my theory of them being used in scourge constructs.