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Do tanks get the most out of PuGs? {WoW}

Jul 27th 2009 4:44AM I have to say this reading this article made something click for me.
I leveled moonkin in BC and was 70 a month before I leveled boomkin to 80. I found PUGs to be entertaining ways to spend time and not that bad. Then, due to guild comp, I switched to heals. So, months later, I'm bored and think about pugging and shy away because of all the hassle. I thought it was cause I'm spoiled for guildies, but I think your article says it all. A good tank can compensate for a lot in a group, mostly cause tanks are in typically in control of the direction and pace of pulls. A good healer can only hope her tank is good, and be dragged around by a bad one.
As a good healer, PUGs are not often worth the effort. I may enjoy it with good players, but I don't need anything from the dungeon and the chances of getting bad players in a group is too high. I get too tired trying to keep everyone alive to spend hours dying for things I have absolutely no control over.
From my experience, I don't think you'll find this changes too much as you play more, but you will get better at knowing who to group with (lol).

Ready Check: Guide to Naxxramas (Military Quarter) {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2008 7:02PM I think that summary of the Four Horsemen glosses over how much of a bitch it is it heal the back. Our guild tried it over and over again, rotating the healers as we each gave up almost crying (well, me at least) about our inability to keep the 3 in the back (2 casters and a healer) alive. After doing it on heroic with another guild, we finally tried it with 2 plate wearers, a warrior and a DK, because of their larger health pools. I mean, keeping 3 clothies with 15k alive is horrible there, but those guys have at least 20, 25k, which helps, not to mention Spell Reflect and DK spell dmg mitigation (and his ghouls that can take the brunt, and the spell sheild). We finally managed it with those because they didn't die within 30 secs. Maybe it's just because I'm new to healing, post Wrath starting at the end of Nov., and the other healer's were not especially geared (I'm a druid, and decently geared), but I'd recommend thinking about your DKs and warriors, or as another said, classes that can self-heal, too, for the back.