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25-man gear should not be better than 10-man gear {WoW}

Apr 1st 2009 6:06AM Tendentious polls ftl >:(

The point that Elias seems to miss (and which his "poll" avoids) is that making a guild able to run 25-mans is an effort, but an effort that is worth it, but unless you undertake that effort, you will never find that out. 25-mans adds a great dimension to the game due to the complexity.

But if 25-mans are not rewarded, many new guilds will never bother to step up to that level, because choosing the easy way (which is to stick to 10-mans) is always going to be the choice if the hard way (which may be a more rewarding experience) doesn't have the lure of better gear.

So, while "my guild", in it's current state would continue to run 25-mans, newer guilds would not, and newer players would not have the incentive to seek membership in a 25-man guild, and in the long run, 25-mans would be marginalized and eventuelly go the same way as thne 40-man raids. NOT because it isn't more fun for a large number of players, but because the game's reward system would fail to encourage the player base to take the effort of do this content, which offers the peak of MMO experience.

Officers' Quarters: The new loot drama {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2008 7:30PM Good examples, loopinvariant. Basically Scott and others just proved once more that any form of loot council (or loot dictatorship) is a horrible idea, unless the loot master is an expert on all 3 specs of all 10 classes, which rarely happens.

Just switch to a DKP system and get rid of the drama, arbitrariness and whimsical decisions.

Sure people will still make stupid bidding, but at least it is mainly they who suffer for being ignorant about their own class. If the whole raid is made up of so much ignorant raiders that raid performance suffers from bad loot decisions by the raiders, then you have probably much bigger problems already.

Scott's "Making good decisions about loot that benefits the raid is the best way to avoid drama." assumes that anyone but the raiders themselves is competent to have an overview of what each and every raider needs. And that is hardly ever the case (as proven by Scott's ignorant grouping of "healers" as all being mp5 classes, which is complete nonsense, as pointed out by loopinvariant).

The best way to avoid drama is to assume that your raiders are intelligent and knowledgable about their own class (why else bring them?) and thus give them the responsibility to manage their own DKP pool.