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Breakfast Topic: To solo or not to solo? {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 9:24AM I've soloed some content when I was 70. Right now I'm frostfire raid spec, so I'm not gonna even try to do that.

Mage 80 can solo The Nexus boss that gives red hat (normal nexus).

We are squishy, but when you use right spec, not as squishy as one may think. I can't see fire mage soloing anything, but deep frost is very good spec for that. You need:
- Ice Barrier that gives you rebuffable +3000 hp, which in low level instances is a lot of hp.
- Water Elemental - this is very important talent, if you pop elemental at beginning of the fight it can tank for you while you unload your dps on mob/boss
- talents that shorten cooldowns on ice block, water elemental, etc.

Remember that using mirror images gives you big aggro debuff, so basically if you are being attacked and pop your images, the mobs will switch attacks from you to them.

Another necessary thing for soloing is glyph that gives your evocation +60% hp in addition to +60% mana.