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Know Your Lore, Tinfoil Hat Edition: Silence of the Titans {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 6:02AM I thought about something very similar to this. The way I roleplay my paladin, I take alot of inspiration from the anime/manga series Biobooster Armor: The Guyver. Long story short, in that series, some aliens created humans as weapons, but feared their creations when they went out of control and left Earth for good. When I was going through some of the WoW lore, I saw a very similar story.

But I don't think that we were created by the Titans to defeat the Burning Legion and clean up their mess with Sargeras. Instead, I think Azeroth is their ace in the hole for a bigger conflict that we have not seen yet...the intergalatic war between Creation and Destruction, the war between the Titans and the creatures we have come to know as Old Gods.

Let's look at some key facts. The Naaru themselves had a prison dungeon known as The Arcatraz. We know they captured a particular prison, Harbinger Skyriss, whom appears to be a Qiraji bug. When engaged, Skyriss proclaims, "It is a small matter to control the mind of the weak... for I bear allegiance to powers untouched by time, unmoved by fate. No force on this world or beyond harbors the strength to bend our knee... not even the mighty Legion!" So from this sentence, and the fact that the Qiraji of Silithus are under C'Thun's control, we can deduce that Skyriss most likely works for the forces of the Old Gods. Here is where it gets interesting though:

When Skyriss uses his ability to duplicate himself he shouts out, "We span the universe, as countless as the stars!" Clearly he is not talking about the Old Gods themselves, but about his race, the bug people of the Qiraji. So this little tidbit of information brings up some more questions. The Naaru have had little interaction with the races of Azeroth apart from the war front in Outland, and the dying M'uru within the Sunwell Plateau. So where did the Naaru pick up the vile creature Harbinger Skyriss?

My theory is that the Qiraji are not native to Azeroth, but are in fact, the Old Gods version of the Titans' seed races. These Old God creatures move from world to world and spread the Qiraji like a virus. The Nerubians of Northrend, while supposedly being a sister race branched off from the Qiraji, fall back into their roots of Old God worship by aligning themselves with Yogg-Saron. Then there are the "Faceless Ones", who also do not have any history or origins on Azeroth, but seem to pop up wherever Old God activity finds itself. So there we have 2-3 different Old God races designed to terraform a planet for their use. The bug people of the Qiraji swarm the planet, kill everything they can, while the Faceless creatures employ telepathy and madness to drive the more powerful creatures of the planet totally insane to where they either worship the Old Gods, or destroy themselves so as not to pose a threat to the Old Gods' existence.

Enter Deathwing. He created the Demon Soul under the madness of the Old Gods who had corrupted him. The Old Gods, used the War of the Ancients as a catalyst to put a plan into motion that would unchain them from the earth far below. Again, what Skyriss said must be true (because this is compounding evidence), in his statement of not even the Burning Legion having the resources to stop the Old Gods. So they knew even if Sargeras came to their little planet and invaded, that once they were free, they would rip through his armies and tear the demon leader limb from limb. Because, if they thought they were going to die or lose that fight, why not just stay chained to the planet?

So let's jump over to Algaon for a moment...his first words after his defeat are, "I have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames. Their denizens fading without so much as a whimper." That is some pretty hardcore stuff. Look at all of nonsense going on in Azeroth right now. We've got corrupted and crazy Aspects, such as Malygos and Deathwing. We've got Old God corruption up and down the planet, slowly seeping through the cracks in the planet's crust. Then there's all the demonic and necromantic energy coming from warlocks and Lich Kings, not to mention even Malygos got fed up with seeing the magical leylines fluctuating because mortals were abusing the arcane magics. All of this, and the Titans did not come down to blow Azeroth to bits themselves, they sent Algalon in their stead, and that was only because we killed Loken. So what kind of nightmares could reside on the other worlds they fostered and cared for, only to go and blow the entire thing to smitherines? Obviously something greater than all of the junk going down here on Azeroth. My guess? Those planets had total Old God infestation from north pole to south pole.

Remember earlier how I said the Qiraji and the Faceless Ones were terraforming Azeroth for the Old Gods? Keep that in the back of your mind for a second. Let's look at what we know about the life of an Old God. They come to a planet through unknown methods and sink their tentacles into the dirt. From their they take control of the creatures living on it, including the elementals, and force them all to fight eachother. We know this for a fact, because it seems the only agenda of the Old Gods is complete chaos. But what if it isn't? All too many times, I have seen small children that have had little supervision, take their toys and violently pit them against eachother. With this in mind, is it not possible that the Old Gods on our planet, are in fact, children of their own species? Now what is really scary here is that if this is the case....children are usually much smaller in physical size when compared to their adult counterparts. Keep this in the back of your mind for a bit too, as I'll come back to it later. Myths and Legends say we have about 5 Old Gods on Azeroth. Let's assume for a second they didn't come here of their own free will, but were instead "seeded" onto the planet.

They've been merging themselves with Azeroth for some time, and that is the supposed reason the Titans didn't want to blow the planet up in the first place. My speculation is that regard, more like the human reproductive system. They all get in and see who can penetrate the planet first, consuming it's natural resources in the process, and absorbing it's brothers afterwards. A sort of survival of the fittest kind of gig. So what happens if one of these Old God seedlings takes over a planet? More than likely the planet itself becomes part of the Old God's body, a self-sufficient eco system of slimey, slithering nastiness...that then creatures more "Old God babies" and sends them off to new planets where the process can be repeated.

Now are you ready for your minds to be blown?!

I believe at the center of the WoW universe (figuratively speaking), there is a grand daddy Old God creature that does the same thing every Old God creature does, in that absorbs it's own kind to grow and become more powerful. So when one of these planet sized Old God things does fully develop, it makes it's way back to the daddy creature that swallows it up. This could even explain why Sargeras thought the universe was chaotic and evil as a default, not because it was the ebb and flow of the universe, but because a giant, unimaginable evil lurks out there somewhere and it corrupts everything.

So let's go back to Deathwing for a moment. He was corrupted by a (or multiple) Old God(s), and if my theory is correct, they were just children with toys. If they can have that kind of influence on a creature as powerful as one of the Titans hand picked it not conceivable that this Old God hivemind would have the power to corrupt a Titan? So what if Sargeras' madness was not linked to just depression, but to massive Old God mind control and manipulation?

The final mission is not to stop Sargeras, much as our goal is not to stop at Deathwing's defeat. We have to get in there and nip the problem in the bud. I fully believe that Azeroth was chosen as one of (if not the only) worlds that the Titans created with the specific task of creating a super weapon to deal with their Old God problem. Someone mentioned an immune system earlier. Right now, we are being trained like an immune system. The Old Gods infesting Azeroth now are bound and weakened thanks to the Titans, but as we have seen, they are not going to stay bound forever. This is intentional, after all. The Titans wanted the Old Gods to slowly break free with time, to make their precence known to the denizens of Azeroth. Why? Because the Old Gods on this planet are nothing but a vaccine. They are weakened viruses that the Titans left behind, so we could destroy them and in the process, like the human immune system, learn what makes them tick so we can kill them more efficiently.

Wintergrasp bug plaguing servers after 3.1.2 {WoW}

May 19th 2009 11:12PM I'm on CC too, and I made a ton of marks for being in there, it was amazing.

Forum post of the day: Tank Haiku {WoW}

May 12th 2009 3:18PM Go go ret pally!
In your power ranger gear
Using bubblehearth

An opportunity to change Retribution {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 7:32PM I really don't see what the fuss is about. I like the way ret plays. Easy to do your main job (dps), but difficult to master your job of being a support role. Knowing when to BoP that mage that decided to pull aggro, hitting your tank with a Hand of Sacrifice when he and the healers are out of cooldowns, using your Art of War proc to benefit the raid without losing dps to your swing timer...that's stuff you should be worrying about doing.

Any scrub can hit Judgment, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Exorcism. If you want to play like a rogue or a warrior, roll a rogue or a warrior.

Officers' Quarters: Ball and chain {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 1:45PM Also something to consider if things get hairy, this woman and her husband are only 2/10 of the raid. Let the greater percentage of the group speak up so everyone is aware of their feelings. Because you won't be able to hide the agitation that everyone else is feeling forever.

If she gives you flak, tell her straight up how it is. YOU are a raid leader, YOU have to take care of everyone and make the most fair decision for the good of the group. Other people are investing their time, their money, their sanity...on this raid to make it fun and worthwhile and nobody wants to have to carry other people through content.

Around Azeroth: Worth the wait {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 1:48PM Hmm, I ran the place 858 times in BC (I'm not a vanilla player) soloing the hell out of Baron and pushing myself every time to get faster and faster at completing the Baron run. Wasn't into PvE back then, and had the PvP gear I could manage, so pretty much my entire WoW time was dedicating to getting this stupid thing. I was a Shockadin specced paladin back then, fun stuff.

Finally got the Deathcharger after 151 runs post-Wrath. Being level 80 and retribution with a ton of attack power made running Strat way too easy, and I found myself hitting the instance limit too many times.

But at least now I have it, and I can "officially" progress my character's story where he accidentlly kills off his mount only to revive it later through necromancy.


Blizzard's Arthas: Rise of the Lich King quiz contest {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 6:45PM This seems kinda silly if you ask me. Read the book to get another copy of the same book, only shinier? Meh. Maybe since I preordered the regular already, I'll sign up and if I win, simply sell the special edition on Ebay.

What we know and don't know about the dungeon after Ulduar {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 12:13PM Alros87, on sentences much? I have no idea what you tried to say. Seems like you had some good points though, if only you could express yourself with better punctuation.

Are we being teased about the next expansion? {WoW}

Apr 6th 2009 7:41PM Mendorian, that post is all well and great, except wasn't Wrath of the Lich King announced at Blizzcon 2007? Which was in August, I remember because the announcement came shortly before my birthday.

That post was made after Wrath's annoucement, so yeah...I'd say the Outland and Northrend areas would have already been revealed. Someone had a little too much time on their hands to think up all of that.

Learning to dance with WoW {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 11:41AM Please tell me that's not you, a ret pally with Cryptfiend's Bite. :(