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Zarhym: Wrath changes are still coming {WoW}

Jul 10th 2008 4:44PM I haven't seen anyone post about it yet, but there is a nice change in the arcane tree for mages. Magic Absorption, a tier 2 arcane talent which some players enjoy and many other pass up without a second thought, has been buffed significantly. Previously, with 5/5 talent points it provided 10 resist to every magic tree and 5% of the mage's total mana refunded when a spell is resisted. On the new talent calculator for Wrath, at 5/5 it provides 1 resist all per level. At level 80 this means that mages could spec for 80 resist all with only 10 points spent in the arcane tree.

This skill, combined with the 5% mana refund seems like it will be a must-have for PvP and PvE mages. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out when Blizz patches the game to give us these new talents.

Hidden Quests {WoW}

Jan 13th 2006 12:05PM I don't think that I have ever seen another person while I do these quests, so I end up doing them with every character, horde and alliance.

In the south of Arathi, between Arathi and Wetlands there is a bay with a pirate ship in it. Around level 40, there are several Blackwater Raiders quests available here that involve underwater exploration. Bring along Underwater Breathing potions to make it easier.

Expansion rumors about the new race {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 2:33PM Ok... The best new alliance race would be... Murlocs! Murlocs have everything - the priests, the warriors, they could have great racial specials like underwater breathing. Perhaps you could use a murloc battle yell to wound your opponents sides with laughter?