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Jace Hall tackles media coverage of WoW addiction {WoW}

May 5th 2010 8:21PM To Bitter,
Any good game is designed to not be too hard and to keep you coming back for more. What I think the problem is that American society does not condone people having fun and actually enjoying themselves. We live for work. I am on the other side of the big five zero and in my lifetime I have seen a big shift in the way America used to view the work, leisure balance. When I was a kid back in the 60s, most people worked days, five days a week. You worked for a company with the idea that an honest days work got you an honest days pay. Two week vacations where you got away from it all was the norm not the exception and Saturday and Sunday really were days off.

Now, we are pushed to work harder/faster/longer for the same pay or less. We feel lucky if we get a long weekend let alone take a week off. TWO way the boss will find someone who will work 12 hours a day seven days a week. The whole corporate idea is to wring as much work out of someone for as little pay as possible before they burnout and go do something else. All the computers, machines and so called technological advances like cell phones and the internet have not made our work easier, it has enabled us to work harder and longer. You can thank Thomas Edison and the first pratical lightbulb. It allowed us to do shift work and the trend went downhill from there.

Is it any wonders some parents freak out if their kids are not buried in the school books all night from the time they come home till they stumble to bed? These people who are having kids now have grown up with pre-school, testing for pre-school, and it has been drilled into their heads that if you don't finish top of the class and go to an Ivy League school you are a failure. What the world needs is more doctors, lawyers, accountants, MBAs. If Johnny likes to get his hands dirty and wants to be a gardner they take him to a shrink. Must be something wrong with him if he wants to do do something he enjoys and not something that will make him more money than he really needs to be comfortable.

Nope, American society will always hate games like Warcraft because it allows you to have ....OMFG fun. Life is tough, life is a bitch, dog eat dog. If you slack off for even a minute someone else will slap you down and get ahead of you.

So, perhaps the designers put things in the game to keep you coming back. Anything that helps you forget that no matter how hard you try, only a small handful will ever be the top dogs, and most of us don't have the right family background to even think about being rich or famous.

Breakfast Topic: The You that you can't leave behind {WoW}

Sep 6th 2009 10:25AM Gryffyn on Cenarius was my first and is still my main. I've done a druid which I love for the variety of ways you can cause mayhem and confusion, to a mage for pure pew pew. However I always come back to the warrior unslinging his two hander or sword and board charging into combat where the rest of the world is running away from it.

I also don't know where you guys have this thing against NELFS, but most of my toons have been Night elves. To each his own. If I had to roll horde it would be Tauren. I mean come on how can you take a bloodelf warrior seriously? How can you take them seriously as a paladin? It's like seeing Paris Hilton in a McDonalds uniform. Do you really think she would flip burgers any longer than the camers were rolling?

The Dos and Don'ts of getting a port {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 4:42PM Too bad you couldn't port him to the middle of Ironforge. Having to die his way out of there would have taught him a nice lession.