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Totem Talk: It's all about the Mana Tide {WoW}

Jan 20th 2011 1:50PM I'm not so sure about one person stacking spirit for the rest of the raid... my ten man right now is working with a Resto Shammy, Disc/Holy preist and Pally.. the pally and priest even in the same level gear have at least 500-700 more spirit than the Resto Shammy and have at least 10k mana pool more.. the pally brinking 110k mana pool in raid buffs, which is almost 20k mana more than the shaman [but both the pally and priest get a 15% int buff for being healers in from their talents right?]. Neither of them ever go oom.. the shaman tho, is forced to sit and regen twice as often with less mana pool from the same level gear and less regen. ... the shaman is the only one with mana problems atm. And I'm not saying just the shaman in our raid, but shaman in general in comparison to other classes. I'd say screw stacking spirit for someone wtih more stats in the same gear.... that's completely unnecissary.

Raid Rx: Patch 4.0.6 healing thoughts {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 1:15PM compared with Health pools, i agree that Healing Wave does little to satisfy healing needs.. but the only other currently effective single target direct heal is Surge and you use three or four of those and you're down to 50% mana. If tanks in raids get in a tight spot and at too-low hp adn i have to quick heal them back up with a hand full of Healing Surge's as a shaman, I'm SOL for most of the rest of the fight because now I'm OOM practially, right? : / I spend half raid fights biding my time, not doing much other than soem minor healing waves and RTs just letting others do the job on single target until we need raid heals. I'd freak out if my raid told me to focus tank heals for a night... we have no mana vs output single target effective healing. Sure RT and ES are great, but HW won't keep a tank up and the only other two spells we have for single target are too high cost.. the fights too long.

Maybe it's just gear... ??

I keep toying back and forth with spirit vs int and some mixture of haste food/flasks/trinkets to see which helps out most for output based on boss strat requirements.... we'll see... ><

The Lawbringer: Armory annulment {WoW}

Dec 17th 2010 2:13PM Personally, I feel as though no one should put something up on the internet unless they're proud of it/ aka, wouldn't share it with their families, confess it before God, etc etc lol. I feel like Information Sharing isn't an issue if we are responsible; and information sharing may push us to be more responsible, thinking-ahead people. However, I can see in the case of 'the vindictive ex' so to speak, that that can become an issue, even if one has nothing to hide and is indeed responsible. because It's easy to turn things around outside of context and make them seem that which they are not.

Breakfast Topic: What makes a WoW geek? {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 11:48AM Getting the Achievement "the Insane". and the title "High Warlord" That's geek >D hahaha. My husband has both, and he's helped others farm their "Insane" title rep by farming lockboxes on his rogue, pulling 100 boxes an hour for 7 gold ea, garnering himself about 10k gold for ea person's total needed lockboxes. Loremaster is hardly an achievement in comparison to everything required for "the Insane" title. and they just nerfed what it takes to get it, too.

Raid Rx: Leveling tips for Cataclysm healers from 80 to 85 {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 11:22AM I can see healers being one of the first to get booted out of any group though, in cata, too. Healing will be more thought-ful and take more prioritization of spells and who you're healing and a lot of healers are already pretty fail at using their abilities as it stands currently.. in a five man that's low lvl raid quality with no other healers to pick up your slack, i can see a lot of healers getting the boot, being blamed for other ppls fails and not being able to heal through it, etc... even the possibility of people leveling healing in dungeons for the quick-queue reason and being utterly incapable is always there. I'm just glad i'm leveling in dungeons with full guild groups!!

Raid Rx: Leveling tips for Cataclysm healers from 80 to 85 {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 10:44AM I'm fortunate to be GMing a ten man guild this time around; a bunch of friends who've been raiding together for years. There are exactly ten of us. We all want to see the story line and fun quests and take time to explore, but we also want to be competitive. Our main goal is to take our normal raid nights and 'raid' five mans together, switching groups up to get each of us used to working with eachother in different ways, and alternating which healer gets to practice a DPS OS. On non-raid nights we'll be working hard on questing and leveling professions to be able to utilize each profession in game right away to give us an edge when we get to 85. We have at least one main toon with each of the trade skills. Once we get our mains to 85 and get into Real ten man Raiding again, we'll be free to go back and enjoy our alts and quests and be at our leisure for exploring etc etc as we want. :) We're all pretty psyched.

Raid Rx: Healing a level 80 dungeon vs. a level 85 dungeon {WoW}

Nov 30th 2010 3:29PM Cata will be a great opportunity for all classes /roles to utilize all of their survivability talents and abilities. I's not only a healer's job to keep the group alive. Other players have to play smart, too. Especially as we're going into the new stuff and getting accustomed to it. As a healer it'll take a couple times to get the feel of the dungeon down as far as what to expect damage-wise from diff. mechanics there.

I'm fortunate to be GMing a guild this time around and a ten man full of a bunch of raiders from other guilds I been running with for years. We have scheduled weekly rotations of all ten of us for five mans on raid nights as we lvl together.. off nights will be for professions and other leveling on mains. Ea week we rotate who heals what group and which of the three heals gets to practice their OS; as well as swapping DPS around to get everyone used to having or not having certain class mechanics to work with in certain situations. It's a month-long cycle, then we recycle it and start over till we get to where we can do ten mans. We're all very excited to be running together again in our own group -forging our own destiny!!
And here's to all those with doubts or cliques that wouldn't include us in the past for all their arrogance.. "The best REVENGE is massive success!" -F. Sinatra.

Raid Rx: Answering your Cataclysm healing questions {WoW}

Nov 30th 2010 3:02PM Sir Matticus,

"Do you want more impact heals or the resources to cast them?

I've always favored having increased regeneration, as more mana typically means more options with the spells I have. At least for the opening expansion cycle, it makes some sense to lean slightly towards regeneration. After intellect, haste would be another option. "

You should know that the answer to this lies in the content you are raiding. ICC never required as much endurance until you hit LK. ICC was the first dungeon in wrath that really required a lot of haste to keep up with the mad intake of raid damage or spikey dmg to tanks. Prior to ICC it was mostly mana-pool-building for heals. But every xpansion is like this.. players just have to keep in mind the needs of their particular raid and the content they're working on.
EJ or any other site could say "oh this is really best stat right now" but if you see that they're working on a dungeon on HMs that are far exceeding the level of content you're on.. take that into consideration. I've seen more than one raider gimp themselves because they 'did what EJ said to do" and it didn't fit the content they were working on in their own guild.

as for
"Which healing class is highest on the meter? This is a landmine of a question. But since I'm a priest, I'm going to say priest. Not just that, I'm going to say holy priest. I have absolutely nothing to back that up with. So yeah. Take that."

hah ha! I see you your priest and raise you a resto shaman! Blam!

Totem Talk: Ask a restoration shaman, page 2 {WoW}

Nov 10th 2010 1:33PM I did this same thing with the macro, however I have trouble finding time to balance the cast of this shock spell and RT for the greater 20% haste from that. I'd like to use benefits from both for spells, but between having to use other heals to keep people alive, it's difficult finding a chance to use it effectively for me, currently. I think once we get new tier and lose the current uber leet T10 set bonuses and don't get the extra 20% haste from RT anymore, then using shock spells will be equivolent in a way to this set bonus now. I can see it being used similarly. But having T10 set bonus AND shock ability to use for spells is a little overwhelming haha. You only have 6 seconds [if i remember that right? if you have the glyph] before your use of RT comes back up to fit other heals AND the shock in there currently. 0.o. And honestly, 20% haste every 6 seconds is ungodly for almost any class. Just don't CH off the RT.

Breakfast Topic: Oops, I've been acting like an elitist jerk {WoW}

Oct 25th 2010 12:47PM What's even funnier to think about is that a lot of the 'elitist' players aren't even elite and only do mediocre performances at best.. then think about the fact that the actual elite players I've known that are very smart and know just about anything about a class down to the mathematical equations it takes to do just about anything in the game etc etc, actually end up being some of the nicer players I've met in the game; that help you [on their off raid nights] and help you trouble shoot your experience to improve your own game play experience. Actually both the top guilds on two different Heavily populated, well progressed PVE servers I've been raiding on, the top guilds will not tolerate attitude and elitist crap from their players. I've seen raiders booted instantly for that kinna stuff.

It's the ones that are actual jerks that are proabaly just fakes and have more clue than those who are new to the game, but really don't have what it takes to be pro still.

However, I do recognize that there is a frustration that comes with running with those who aren't as expereinced as yourself necissarily, but we have to understand if we are pugging that that is just part of the diverse WoW experience and we need to be able to deal with that and even ask people if they'd like a suggestion to improve to help them if they are willing.