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Aug 21st 2009 3:07PM WOLVAR OMG!

WoW Rookie: Leaner, meaner character controls {WoW}

Dec 24th 2008 5:30PM What is up with everyone talking about the 'WASD' format for controlling toons? I never really understood why someone would use WASD instead of using the much more intuitive, streamlined 'ESDF' method of keyboarding.

Using WASD only frees up Q, Z, X, C, F and E as easily accessible keys in which to program hotkeys or macros.
Using ESDF not only frees up more keys in the surrounding area (W, Q, A, Z, X, C, V, R, T, G, B), but it also places your pinky finger on the shift key more comfortably, allowing you easy access to the modifier versions of said available keys.

For those that will starting out using the keyboard and mouse method with macros, i would highly suggest using ESDF bound to move forward, move backward, straight left and right; as opposed to using WASD. It opens up a whole lot more keys to your disposal.

I even go so far as to using Y and H because with a little index finger effort, those keys can be reached quite easily as well.

On the MOUSE side of things, i would suggest picking up a nice 5-7 button mouse like the Logitech G5 or equivalent. Not only does it have your standard RIGHT and LEFT click, as well as the scroll wheel, the G5 also features 2 thumb buttons and a scroll wheel that can also tilt left and right to provide more potentially bound

Of course, combine this with the modifiers ingame (ALT, SHIFT, CTRL) and you have numerous options for binding all your skills, macros, trinkets, items, vanity pets, etc in game.

Hopefully these little pieces of information can help someone out. It's the setup that i've been using for years for all games alike (FPS, MMO's, RPG's).