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Spiritual Guidance: 17 trinkets for healing raiders {WoW}

Dec 25th 2008 8:00PM In regards to the SArtharion trinkets -

first of all, I wouldn't take the Illustration of the Dragon soul, if u wanted added spell power there are much better options like the egg and one from maexna. (as a holy priest tho, I find lookin for spellpower gains on other item slots and sving trinket spots for regen/spirit boosts a better way to itemize)

AS for the Majestic Dragon one, (spirit one), I find it very useful, granted, priests get the spirit benefit for time outside of the 5second rule but the trinket can easily be exploited. First, the full stacks of spirit add some spell pwer, and keepin levitate to refresh the stack every 8-9 seconds will give u a tick or two outside of the 5sr if i'm not mistaken.

Lastly, any free spell will put you oo5sr so, inner focus, lifebloom, proced flash heal for surge of light, proced heal from Clearcasting and hymn of hope (prolly forgot other stuff) are good ways to get full regen type out of this trinket. a common cast sequence? Toss out Prayer of Mending, Pop spirit trinket (earring or glass) Hymn of Hope, after channeling cast Innerfocus, cancel cast greater heal, if there is a SoL proc, cast another greater heal (one that costs mana) then use a Flash heal to put u back into oo5sr (via surge of light).

I'm not sure if Surge of light flashes put u out of 5 second rule but i'm assuming it does. Nevertheless thats a crap load of regen time. (and spelling/grammar errors)