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PAX 2008: Fallout 3 video explosion, subsequent fallout {Joystiq}

Aug 29th 2008 4:46PM Oblivion with guns in the future. Sigh. Is this just me fearing change? Would I have loved Fallout 1 and 2 as much if they were done in this style? I don't know.

VATS looks cool though.

Euphoria-based Backbreaker gameplay video is intriguing {Joystiq}

Apr 19th 2008 10:02AM They'd have to change the title.

Can't wait for September 7? Creature-only Spore to launch sooner {Joystiq}

Feb 13th 2008 3:46AM Did I accidentally go to

Nintendo confirms cobalt/black DS Lite {Joystiq}

Feb 1st 2008 9:56AM You're not supposed to mix navy and black in clothing because it ends up looking weird, I don't know why we'd do it with a DS either.

Salt Lake City mall shooter didn't own video games {Joystiq}

Feb 19th 2007 4:57AM "All killers play videogames"

Proven false by contradiction.

"All videogame players can turn into killers."


It's nice to see that videogames aren't the cause of all rampages, but I don't see how this'll change public opinion.

Gran Turismo added to list of 'killer games' {Joystiq}

Feb 16th 2007 7:59PM I'll blame Kirby.

If you could only play one more video game... {Joystiq}

Nov 28th 2006 3:44AM Final Fantasy III (VI jp)

Today's hottest game video: Accidents of big Elebits {Joystiq}

Nov 28th 2006 1:03AM His wiggly arms make me giggle every time. I know what I'm being next halloween!

New Smash Bros. trailer, in English {Joystiq}

Nov 27th 2006 5:01PM Anyone else think it looks a tad slower than Melee?