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TG-16 games hit the Wii {Joystiq}

Nov 21st 2006 8:07PM Bonk's back! I loved Bonk!!!

The Political Game: Going negative {Joystiq}

Nov 10th 2006 11:51AM "Hit the hooker with the tire iron!" "Steal the old lady's car." "Shoot her first!"

My cousin screams that when she plays Lumines.'s weird.

Holy cow, somebody in the media got it right {WoW}

Oct 31st 2006 10:15PM NOTE: I read this over and it seems very fearmongery

"she says his son plays with both his mother and his friends, and that the game actually encourages real-world interaction modeled on the game, just as past generations of boys modeled their playtime on the TV and radio shows they experienced"

This seems like borderline dangerous thinking to me. There is a very concrete disconnect between avatar based interaction and real world play. Children may learn general courtesy, sure, but they're learning it through several degrees of separation. Vocal inflection, body language and facial cues are FUNDAMENTAL for human communication, and an environment like WoW can, at best, only offer a distant approximation of them.

Now I know she's not saying it's a substitute for play, and it's wonderful that she monitors her child's time on the computer, but as we edge closer and closer to a purely digital childhood I fear that some parents may take the easy route of letting their MMOs babysit their children, which is a playtime that can in no way be compared to the face to face playtimes of yesteryear.

The WoW Diet: 41 lbs in 90 days {Joystiq}

Oct 31st 2006 3:42PM He should have rigged the bike to power his computer. He'd be pedalin' a lot harder I reckon.

Buy incomplete game on eBay, finish it yourself {Joystiq}

Oct 20th 2006 12:21AM He stole Q? Entertainment's IP. Now it's hot and he's trying to unload it on Ebay before the fuzz track him down.

/my take

Joystiq review: South Park makes love, not Warcraft [update 2] {Joystiq}

Oct 4th 2006 11:50PM Couldn't agree with you more, Judd

Rag Doll team enlisted for PS3 exclusive {Joystiq}

Sep 23rd 2006 1:55PM Despite the fact that Rag-Doll Kung Fu kinda sucks, doesn't this game's control scheme just scream Wii?

UK stores to get Wii countdown clocks? {Joystiq}

Aug 14th 2006 3:51AM I love that joystiq stays up as late as I do.

Global LFG Channel Causes Mass Chaos {WoW}

Jun 21st 2006 9:13AM Move it to another tab. Problem solved.

Official Dungeon Strategy Guide Now on Sale {WoW}

Jun 13th 2006 8:52AM I know a lot of people who are going to hate this (and most of them will be found in the Raid & Dungeons Forum), but I think it'd be a really handy desk reference. Especially if it's got some sweet, glossy, full-color pictures.