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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Overstacking {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 11:55AM You make some really good points here, I can tell you now, I know what you mean with the accidental 500+ hit rating. I have no hit enchants on my fury warrior and I have about 512 hit rating just from my assorted blues. I'm in the process of getting some switched out with heroic crit gear but it takes a while. Sadly there isn't much TO replace until you get to raids, and even then after looking at the loot tables the only real items that dps warriors can roll on have like 75 str, 85 stam, 35 crit rating and 45 hit rating on a pair of boots! They still over-cap us on hit with not enough expertise. I was looking over some other loots to fill in what T7 and T7.5 can't get you and it's all crit and hit rating, I'm wondering where the expertise went! The most I can find is about 75 expertise rating from enchants and a trinket or two. The problem there is, why give up your hard earned Mirror of Truth with its 84 crit rating and Chance on hit for 1000 ap! I admit that things'll be better when we get the TG hit reduction removed but they still stack us with so much accidental hit rating that I wonder if it's even worth it. I mean, a good 134 some hit rating comes from my weapons (Dreadlord Blade's, 2 of them, each with 67 hit) but until I get the Colossal Skull Clad Cleaver or other assorted 10 man raid weapon its the best out there.