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Enter to win a Razer Naga and Megasoma mouse mat {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 5:06PM Vampiric Touch, just like the 5 on my G15 keyboard :)

Spiritual Guidance: Healing throughput or mana regeneration? {WoW}

Sep 21st 2009 6:45PM come on matt, take 5 minutes to go over your stuff man...

good post, well thought out, obviously you spent some time on it, otherwise there wouldn't be a sense of start/stop throughout the blog...

but really, take 5 minutes to read it before hitting "submit" :)

Spiritual Guidance: What's up Shadow Priests? {WoW}

Sep 15th 2009 7:58PM I've been a raiding shadowpriest since BWL....ya...I like pain :P

Anyway, at this point in WoW, shadowpriests have never been in a better position.

here's a WMO from our heroic Jaraxxus kill last week:

I'm Alerynn, and as you as you can see, yes we're not topping meters, but we're not down with the tanks either. Shadowpriests are definitely a DoT class, and as such, there are some fights that are more tailor fit to our style of dps than others... Take Yogg-Saron for example, if spriests and aff locks (if you have any...) dont' top that meter, then they're pretty terrible.

I think we are scaling just about right, and I really don't think that a class with as much utility and hybridity (is that a word?) deserve to top damage meters. I think dps classes are as close as they've ever been, and with the differences in fights, and the differences in dps classes, blizzard will never be able to truly equalize everybody.

Like matt said, there is a good bit of value to put in a good raider, regardless of his position on the damage meter, as you can see in that WMO i linked, the mage on the bottom? ya...died early on. doesn't matter that she can do 6k+ dps, if he stands in volcanos everytime (which she doesn't, but i like to pick on hyper sometimes :) ), then she's going to get replaced by somebody who is more situationally aware.

I like the 3.2.2 changes, I've been to the PTR, and solo on a target dummy in the same gear as live, I'm doing about 1% more dps with the changes to Imp Spirit Tap and Twisted Faith. Granted, I haven't been focusing on spirit gear, and the changes are so small that I still probably won't focus on spirit gear as a dps stat, but a little nudge upward will never draw a complaint from me.

I'd like to Thank Matt for all the time he puts into the Priest (and healers in general) community, I've been a long time reader of wowinsider and worldofmatticus, I love nostockui, and while I'm not a healer, I just have always enjoyed reading posts from somebody who enjoys the priest class as much as I do, keep up the good work mate!

All the World's a Stage: Reflections on the passing of a roleplayer's mom {WoW}

Aug 17th 2009 7:49PM My mother died 2 years ago to date this august 12th, from Leukemia. I feel your pain in a way I can hardly express in words. I will tell you one thing: life goes on. You will have nights when you lie in bed and cry uncontrollably, I know I did. I played wow before my mom got sick, I played it during her sickness (when I could), and I continue to play it now. I consider my online wow friends some of my closest. The one thing that helped me more than anything else was the love and support of my family and friends. My girlfriend at the tie (Fiance now) was probably the biggest help during that rough period. Treasure your loved ones, they are the very definition of who we are and what keeps us going.

She said yes, and I thank the Tuskarr {WoW}

Dec 26th 2008 11:08AM congratulations!