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WoW, Casually: Loot {WoW}

Dec 27th 2008 12:27PM ADdin my 2 cent to this post:
Looting= Mats,greens,epics,blues,cloth etc looting from 1-80 is on average 8050g by selling trash to vendor and auctioning white+
So u are missing on gold if u dont loot.
Also looting takes like what? 2-3 sec adding that to say 1000mobs =33minutes. In those 33 mins lets say you looted:
30stacks of chilled meat.
1 sword of jin (the epic levle 80)
15-25 greens
2-3 blues
10stacks of cloth

i wont go into details but u just made 3000g. (Ofc all this is theory)
Now lets sayyou got to 80 w/o looting. You need to farm gold for you fyer. SO you are going to farm say 4-5 hours + the looting time.

Get your facts right Mr.BOB