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BigRedKitty: Armor penetration stinks {WoW}

Dec 28th 2008 10:13AM Good. Lord.

First of all to everyone getting up in arms about the article, BRK is a BM hunter, writing from a BM hunter's perspective and with MORE than a little tongue in cheek. Understand that first. Reread if necessary. I'll wait... Go ahead.

2nd. This article FOCUSES on the choice BETWEEN +crit/hit/agi gear and +arpen gear. The rest of the article is ONLY anecdotal as relates to an hypothetical example of HOW arpen works for the BM hunter (although also for hunters in general. this is a hunter article afterall). Ignoring how much you warriors love your sunder and that hunters love you for it, the gist of the article is that agi/hit/crit ALWAYS > arpen. Always.

You're getting hung up in unimportant minutia that was just thrown into the argument to illustrate one way that arpen is affected.

Trust me, we KNOW that sunder is EXTREMELY beneficial to hunters/DPS. So does BRK. You obviously just aren't familiar with his writing style or are looking to go nit-picking.
READ and article first and UNDERSTAND the perspective before jumping down the writer's throat defending a point that you misinterpreted to begin with.