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Loot Council splits your loot up for you {WoW}

Jan 1st 2009 5:04AM Jason, I say going with simple loot roll, "your night your contribution" is being the immature and even naive route when it comes to distributing loot in the higher end content. You make the assumption that the player is greater than the raid. The simple fact is that it's the raids loot not the players. There was another 9 or 24 other players there. To take your view to an extreme then we can even say that everyone would see value in a drop either be for the gear itself or as enchant material. One caviote to this is it only applies to guild built runs. Pug runs where you'll more than likely never run with the same people twice then your up to standard 5 man loot rules but they need to be explained before the run. Last thing anyone wants to see is when the boss hits 20% the loot options go to master looter and some mage gets first dibs on something because the "reserved" it.

You also make the assumption that someone is going to pass just because someone needs it more. This assumption is based on the person doing the pass knowing that the other person needs it more. That's fine in 5 man when you might have 2 or even 3 people going for the same pieces, and everyone is in the same guild. When you got upwards of 15 people that can benefit from that one piece what do you do then? Who benefits the most? Who does the raid need to have it to help with progression? Then you're also making the assumption that everyone has the same goal in mind and are mature. That holy priest might be getting ready to jump to another guild but just want's to get what he can. That DK might be 14 years old and doesn't comprehend ideas like seflessness or even team work, they just see the dps meter and want to be a the top of it. Well there are adults that can't grasp those concepts so it's not a strike against kids, just an example.

Systems like DKP and loot counsel are setup not to reward people for participating but to ensure that the raid is better prepared not the individual player. It makes sense to give the best gear to those that have proven that they will be there and will put that gear to use for the greater good of the raid. Both systems work, the vast majority of guilds use some variant of DKP or loot counsel. Some DKP systems actually encourage the passing of loot to the more under geared players because those that have been there don't want to spend it on minor upgrades or sidegrades.

An avowed non-PvPer can't get enough of Lake Wintergrasp {WoW}

Dec 29th 2008 2:31AM I've fallen in love with Wintergrasp. The last run I was on (Arygos US) my raid was full, the second raid was full from what I heard and we had other small groups running around. Best part was it was even, neither the Horde or Alliance had Tenacity. Epic fight, all specs welcomed. As a priest I just love running a rogue or druid or ret pally or warrior down in a catapult, call it vengeance for all the one shots from WSG to AV. Time to heal? Jump in the back of a devastator or seage engine and heal with no interruptions.

I'm to the point now that my first two questions I ask when I get online is, what's the heroic and what's the time on wintergrasp.