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Ask a Faction Leader: Tirion Fordring {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2009 6:12PM Is it just me or does the portrait of Tirion at the top of the article look like Kris Kristofferson?

Yogg-Saron in blues {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2009 1:31PM //Gear upgrades, even to the point of legendary items, will only update your stats to a max of around 40%, which is not insignificant, but it won't make you two or three times the player you are now//

His math is flawed. First, he's looking at healer gear, and anyone who has ever played a healer (or even a tank) will know that healer (or tank) skill is far more important than gear, and second, he's showing us logs of people doing less than 3000 dps on a tank and spank with a huge damage buff, and trying to say that gear doesn't make a difference. Really? I can do more than that on a target dummy. Unbuffed. My epics aren't making a difference?

For DPSers, whose cycles are set in stone and don't have to think too much, gear is pretty much the only limiting factor. Going from 15% to 40% crit, and from 1500 to 2500 spellpower and from 0% to 15% haste will result in a significant increase in DPS, regardless of skill. So, while time-on-target and effective cooldown and buff stacking are important, the difference gear makes -- for DPS -- is not 40%, and it's equally as important as a player's ability to stay out of fire.

In the end though, we have to remember that yelling at someone to stay out of the fire or coaching them for a week on how to maximize dps time or use their cooldowns better takes far less time and effort than gearing up a good player in blues. THAT is why gear is so important as an indicator of player value during recruitment.

Two Bosses Enter: King Ymiron vs. Drakkari Colossus {WoW}

Jan 30th 2009 10:26AM Those of you who have replied with "zomg Vrykulz r awsum cuz dey r lyke vikingz or smth LOL" didn't really consider the fight at all.

Let me break it down for you:

The fight is in neutral territory. This means that Ymrion has no longboats to call upon.

Dark Colossus is a rock golem powered by the souls of ten thousand sacrificed trolls. It's not going to be scared of loud noises from a silly undead, nor is it going to be affected by any sort of "fetid rot" (rocks don't rot, remember?).

Furthermore, Dark Slash was clearly intended to be used on someone who has a healer. From an RP perspective, it would be unreasonable to think that the mechanic would be the same in this fight. Perhaps it does "a lot" of damage, but reducing the Colossus' health by half is not realistic. Sure, it can cut one player in half, but that one player isn't a giant piece of living rock.

The Colossus, on the other hand, would have all his abilities available to him.

In the end, I think the fight would be pretty even, but the Colossus would eventually win. Ymrion's DPS is not enough to break through the Colossus' dual health bars, mojo puddles, and rock-hard abs. He may be a wonderful king, but he's not invincible.

Lichborne: Things to do in Azeroth when you're dead and level 80 {WoW}

Dec 29th 2008 1:33PM //It has lower DPS than the other two options by a considerable margin, but it does have a higher top end damage, making weapon strikes hit harder and arguably making it more comparable to the above weapons than one might first think.//

This is wrong in every way. "Higher top end damage" does not equate to harder weapon hits. It's like saying that a weapon that does 1-20 damage will hit harder than one that does 18-19. Furthermore, even when we look at how much damage (on average) these weapons really do hit for, and take into account the actual stats on them, we find that you're even more wrong.

Titansteel Destroyer: 507-761 damage (634 average)
Sword of Justice: 514-772 damage (643 average)

Initially, it looks as though the Sword really does hit harder, but when you add the strength on each weapon (even with a +26 str gem in the sword), you get this:

Titansteel Destroyer: 694.23 average
Sword of Justice: 666.34 average

Even accounting for the extra 1.7% crit on the sword, you'd only get that average damage up to about 674; the Titansteel Destroyer still does 3% more.