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15 Minutes of Fame: The two shall be as one {WoW}

Jul 8th 2009 6:10PM Jen is a prime example of the other side of the coin type of player on warcraft, I found this story inspiring and it was touching how she is not letting this disability hold her back and she's doing what she can to the max. World of warcraft is a good unwinder for a lot of people from different backgrounds, I'm glad herself and Mike have found a deep connection through the virtual world.

Ulduar revealed on full map {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 9:09AM It looks very interesting , pathing through here will take effort.


Crowd Control to return in future instances {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 5:42PM You know why I don't want it back.. because it's going to force players to bring in a mage for every 5 man. Nobody would PUG a Shattered Halls without a mage or viable CC unless your tank and healer were overgeared and didn't even need to be there bar rep.

I used to remember as a hunter even though I could trap just fine that still doesn't solve the resistance and plain F-ups from a tank or dps breaking a trap even if you did have time to prepare a double trap and if you were double trapping.. I think this just favors the opinion of CCing was a waste of time for JUST TRASH.

Someone mentioned above possibly bringing more CC encounters into an actual boss fight. That I would like, make it more challenging. However we don't need no super trash I'd rather the tank thunderclap and dks do their ae awesomeness as they are now.

Officers' Quarters: Four lessons from the inauguration {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 2:08PM I can understand an earlier post stating we play wow to escape real life issues (for virtual ones lol) however if you think you can truely avoid real life in WoW get real.

Can't walk 2 steps into a major city without trade chat turning into political arguments, Bashing of states/countries and the most common racist comments that bring me back to reality that I haven't escaped the world at all as long as people are still present in some form.

Take this article for what it is, I thought Scott did a good job I've been part of some guilds where the Guild Leader has stepped down or it has been handed to another due to a majority vote within the guild and there are correct ways to do it as stated in the article especially if you are already an UNLIKED Soon to be former President... I mean Guild Master at least leave with some grace people will remember you in a better light.

DKP pitfalls and how to jump them {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 2:44AM I've been in guilds that use RAP, others that used DKP I've now been in a guild that has been my most successful and I hope we continue to go far with Naxx 25man on farm and 3 drake Sarth a casual event now for the guild I'm surprised everything goes so well.

Rules are simple.
- Roll if you Need.
- Raider > Member >Initiates > Alts for priority if multiple ranks roll on loot.
- Loot Locked for the run if you win an item, unless something else drops and nobody rolls and it's about to be sharded or a special situation.

- In some situations with rolls players are asked to link their gear usually if 2 loot locked players are after an item gear will be inspected if similarly geared they roll if not its awarded to the undergeared player depending on their status and performance in the guild.

There's been no issue with this in the 3 months I've been a member which is suprising having come from guilds that all broke up over loot.

Tattooed for the Horde {WoW}

Dec 29th 2008 3:35PM Sigh at you people and your Us and Them mentality. Enough of this Alliance are Smarterm No Horde are No Alliance is filled with kiddies.

The simple fact is Horde symbols are just more aesthetically pleasing and Alliance symbols with their eagles/gryphons are less appealing especially when some are borderline looking like your some member of a neo-nazi organization.

Horde in generally are just rougher, we're not typically pretty classes we're seen as the bad guys but we're not more rebels for the old ways with a touch of new and who doesn't want to be a rebel wanting to conform to those who want to be our masters (majority of Alliance).