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Playing WoW off an SD card {WoW}

Jan 11th 2009 6:32AM
The numbers add up, but just be careful. It may be possible that the machinery is capable of those transfer rates, but those rates do not take into account the actual protocol overheads and timings. For instance, a 56.6K modem gives you a max possible bandwidth of 56.6K... however once you actually factor in the protocols used, you'd be doing well to see 20KBps out of it.

What I'm saying is, what the USB3 unit can do, and what it delivers in practice are two entirely different things. USB is a horrible protocol. It really is pretty cumbersome and pretty slow. It has to be this way because it has to be general. IDE is a protocol built for data and drive device communication... USB is built to communicate with anything. Since USB has to be able to deal with everything, there is very, very little room to optimize it. There's very little you can cut out or change to make it faster and still be able to deal with any type of device.

Look at it this way.. if I replace your telephone line with one twice as fast, will you notice when you make a telephone call? No, because the protocol (the way you communicate) is so slow that the bandwidth of your old line was more than enough. So.. while the USB3 technology may make better rates possible, there will have to be an incredible and significant change to the USB protocol if we're going to see even a fraction of that improved bandwidth.

Lichborne: Things to do in Azeroth when you're dead and level 80 {WoW}

Dec 29th 2008 3:04PM
Actually, as said above, the sword is easily better than the Axe. Sure there is a raw DPS increase, but if you're actually running 2handers you're not worrying about white damage as much. Sure it could be ~20% of your DPS in a raid setting, but what about that other 80%? The bulk of your DPS with a 2hander is coming from strikes and skills.

low 507, high 761, str 90, agi 54, stam 94, haste 90, crit 0

Sword (with +16 str gem)
low 514, high 772, str 86, agi 0, stam 105, 0 haste, 81 crit

The sword will always have higher base strike damage, minus stats, due to the higher base damage. Adding a +16 str gem into that red socket gets you nearly the same str as the axe. You do lose 4 str, which is 8 ap or .57 DPS. The 8 AP loss is pretty somewhat marginal, and insignificant for strikes with this weapon (the over/under increase of 7 to 11 in base damage will trump even a 1:1 AP to damage coefficient).

The sword has more stam and trades crit for haste. I think there are more than enough posts that decry haste for DKs. Sure it does actually contribute to DPS (which something like, say, MP5 wouldn't at all), but the effect is pretty small, especially compared with crit.

Hands down, if you're using a 2hander for DPS, the sword is better. We aren't Rogues... so the DPS number on the sword is mostly meaningless. I'd say the axe is actually the dark horse... worse base strike damage, no sockets, haste over crit... and it has agility on it... ick.