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The Soapbox: TERA's rocky road to release {Massively}

Feb 24th 2012 12:54PM the whole NCsoft thing is laughable. Code was stolen and instead of being used in the game it was returned. That is why those who took it were found guilty but the game was still deemed an original product in the later hiring. The game looks nothing like the concepts for L3 when you check out the PDF that has been circulating.

People need to get over this whole Elin thing. The changing of their armor to make them less skimpy had even MORE of a backlash then anything the people crying "pedo game" produced. It is silly to see the Elin in skimpy armor and get offended and it is also pretty rare. As rare as people who see the castanic with horns and cry it promotes bestiality and cross species splicing... or satanism. You can't please crazy people and if you are crying about the Elin being too creepy, you are crazy.

I haven't read a single story or heard from a singer person about any pre-order purchaser missing CB1. In fact there are tons of people who have had support GMs hand deliver codes directly to their inbox just so people WOULDN'T miss out. I find it hard to believe that anyone who missed out ordered withing the first week and stayed on top of the info/support section to try and get their code.

The MMOFO campaign.. well ok that is weird but it is also getting positive reviews... surprisingly.

NCsoft files TERA-related lawsuit against Bluehole and En Masse {Massively}

Jan 26th 2012 7:02PM @LordSkyline "Failed" is such a biased term used against so many games but it is still going strong there. It was only criticized for its lack of content and the NA/EU versions will have a year+ of post launch content in their versions.

NCsoft files TERA-related lawsuit against Bluehole and En Masse {Massively}

Jan 26th 2012 6:57PM @LordSkyline Saying Bluehole lost in Korea and is thus guilty is misleading people. They actually won their appeal and that is where we are now. This is the evidence NCsoft is using:
It is basically things like "We had a political system too" or "He have a horned race too, we have a furry race too" etc. Very shaking and I'm surprised Bluehole needed to appeal to win.

NCsoft files TERA-related lawsuit against Bluehole and En Masse {Massively}

Jan 26th 2012 9:00AM
it is still what they turned L3 into, regardless of what they changed or scrapped in development. This is the only L3 people are ever going to see.

NCsoft files TERA-related lawsuit against Bluehole and En Masse {Massively}

Jan 26th 2012 7:19AM So there is a political system like what NCsoft planned and half the races Bluehole is using look similar. I'm surprised the political system hasn't been tried before and that enough doesn't sway me. The races that do seem similar to the L3 races are the same recycled crap from every fantasy game which makes that a shallow case as well. lastly NCsoft is trying to draw a parallel to the gameplay.
That is L3 gameplay, which makes NCsoft liars if they are trying to say their variation on Diablo with NintendoDS screen interaction is what Bluehole ripped off. Not buying it, that is nothing like Tera's gameplay. I don't care about code, I don't care if the guys who joined Bluehole stole the janitor's keys when they left either. The games are not the same and anyone who is saying they look similar isn't watching the same videos.

GamersFirst gearing up for more APB testing invites, looking toward open beta {Massively}

Apr 17th 2011 10:48AM is "mass invite" for applicants meaning that those with their key + app in will get their invite? All of us? Sooo happy.

Fast travel, and why it's hard to find in MMO games {WoW}

Jul 1st 2009 12:40AM in games with monthly fees, time sinks help slow progress and drag out a subscription, not that I'm quitting, just saying it is smart.

Patch 3.2: Argent Coliseum raid story and encounters (SPOILERS) {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 4:05PM I'm confused though, why is this little coliseum supposed to be happening in game? Tirion is mad when horde and alliance kill each other, but not when he and the crusade set up a little tournament that will also kill the warriors we are to pit against the armies of the lich king? or am i missing something?

A leveling server, just for leveling {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 9:42AM It will hurts current realms as far as leveling goes and works against lowbies already there.
One reason blizzard will probably not go for it, it will cut into the money they make on transfers.

New zeppelin and portals coming in Patch 3.2 {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 8:16AM portal from stormwind/ogrimmar TO the under siege outland portal? Sounds kinna dangerous on our parts.