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Blizzard responds to Guardian Cub controversy {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 12:35PM I HAVE the pet...........

Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects to be Christie Golden's next novel {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 10:06PM I can see Thrall as Earthwarder. HOWEVER, it will only be a temporary position until a new candidate can be raised.

Who could this candidate be, I hear you cry? Go and play through the new Badlands zone. I can't believe that the outcome of that area hasn't been more widely reported, as it is a MASSIVE LORE BOMB.

I won't spoil it, but essentially a prime candidate for a new Earthwarder is born.

Reminder: It came from the Blog's Hallow's End event tomorrow {WoW}

Oct 30th 2010 11:42AM No, I said a BETA SERVER equivalent. EU players in the Beta have access to the American beta servers as well. So while I cannot go to any ICFTB events, I CAN go to anything on the beta.

So...does it exist?

Reminder: It came from the Blog's Hallow's End event tomorrow {WoW}

Oct 29th 2010 10:56PM This seems like the best place to ask - is there a beta equivalent of It Came From The Blog? As an EU player, I never get to join in with these things, but as I have access to the US beta realms, I would love to hang out with Peenk and the gang.

If there ISN'T an equivalent, you should totally get on that!

The Queue: A river runs through it {WoW}

Sep 18th 2010 7:05PM /cast unending breath

Is Tyr's hand really in the place called Tyr's Hand or it's just the place he lost it in? If it's not there where is it?

No. While we do not know for certain, it has been implied/speculated that when the first humans were cast out by the vykrul, Tyrs Hand was where they landed, and was named as such by the then-still-followers-of-the-titans.

What hapened to Akama and Maiev after Illidan's death?

Nobody knows, in game wise. Maiev wandered off, having lost her sole purpose. There may have been something in stormrage but I haven't read it becau-KKNNNAAACCCCKKKK

Why dosen't Malfurion's model in game have amber eyes like it was stated in lore (that all druids have amber eyes)?

A wizard tricked you.

Is it true that there isn't going to be a worgen mount insted they will just run like crazy with the spell called Running Wild? If so, what will be added to alliance to balance the the mount amount? Will this mean that only goblins will be able to use thier mounts?

Its unsure. Such a spell HAS been found by dataminers (mmo-champ and co was where I saw it). Its a spell gained at level 20 with a 1.5 sec cast, but otherwise, no evidence to suggest its the worgen mount. I would say that if it IS implemented, Blizz may add a few "Gilnaen War Horse" mounts to vendors in dogtown, to balance out both factions.

If all the beeings (eredar, orcs, succubuses, nathrezim etc) in the known WoW universe are made of biomass isn't the Titan's plan to make people from stone and metal actually an abomination?


who is Landro?

A wizard.

Why are the humans so obsessed with lions when lions are present only in Kalimdor manly Barrens?

Because its a heraldic symbol. Linked to strength and bravery. Real life comparison: England.

How did the arakoa learend druidism?

Landro the wizard.

What are the arakoa and where do they came from? Do they share a simialr fate with the worgen (some crazy druids becamed bird like and couldn't change back)?
Vague references to the Apexis.

We know the creatures of WoW have souls but what happenes to them after they die (assuming the don't get captured by warlocks or Frostmourns)? Is there some sort of heaven or hell?

Creatures have been known to "return to the light". Otherwise, it depends which wowligion you want to take as granted. This will probably never be answered, in the interest of keeping the game as free from touching any nerves as possible.

If all the Tol'vir leave in Uldum how did the Nerubians got ahold of them in Warcraft 3?

"Obsidian destroyers are actually tol'vir that were enslaved by the insectoid Aqir. When the Aqir split into the Nerubian and Qiraji empires and retreated to Northrend and Silithus, the two factions found the tol'vir around Ulduar and Uldum and overthrew them. When the Scourge conquered Azjol-Nerub they took control of the destroyers and sent them all to the front lines, where they were presumably destroyed." -Wowwiki

What are the gnols and where do they come from?

Gnolls are standard fantasy swordfodder. They were built by Hogger from his own shed fur.

What hapened to Balnazzar?

He took over the scarlet crusade. Then may or may not have been killed by adventurers. Then the crusade packed up and formed into the Onslaught, and his current whereabouts, if any, are unknown.

Will Hemet Nesingwary make a come-back in Cataclysm?


What hapened to Kul Tiras?

Still about, weakened a fair amount. No real leader. I imagine a bunch of them defected to Jaina's Theramore faction.

Now that all the darven clans are uniting will the dark irons still attack Allinace in Burning Steps?

Probably. The Grimtotem have always technically been allied with the horde, doesn't stop them ripping each other to pieces.

Garosh's model apperas to be wielding Gorehowl (his father axe). Did he killed Prince Malchezaar to get it?

It has been implied that he *somehow* retrieved the axe from Karazahn. Whether he is credited with killing the prince or not is unknown.

Are the Old Gods somehow the organs of Azeroth (C'thun the stomach, Yogg Saron the Brain and arguably Soggoth the Slitherer may look like ant iner ear)?

Yes. Just wait til be get right into the dark and dirty. Poop quests are gonna have NOTHING on that raid.

Why were the trinkets that improved mounted speed limited to level 70 yet talents like On a pale horse and Pathfinding were kept?

Blizzard didn't want people to have the trinkets. I can't remember the exact reason.

What will happen to Soul bags and quivres/ ammo pouches?

WHOOOOOSH ALL GONE. You should have gotten rid of your ammo pouches anyway.

Why was the worgen racial +1% damage replaced with crit? (the answear: because healers didn't need it, isn't acceptable as there are alot of talents like bow/gun specialization or axe/mace who don't either)

Because its overpowered. Crit's not game changing enough to warrant mass guild race changes. +1% damage? Thats enough of a buff for top top end raiding guilds to insist on worgen race for their apps.

When the Vrykul suffered the curse of flesh the humans were born. Did they also suffered the curse of sea weed?

You're a fricking psychic.

What are vikings in WoW? We hear about stuf that belongs to them like Viking Sword, Viking Hammer or Battered Viking Shield but we haven't met them yet.

Sure we have. They live in Uldaman. Technique is to lower your head, and run fast at the enemy.

Do we really need a new class? It will most likely be another hibrid with healing (based on agill)ity and dps (based on spirit) abilities that sings or uses some sort of magic we haven't heard about.

Who knows if we'll even get one?

If the worgen can't become undead why are there worgen Daeth Kinghts?

Not all Death Knights are technically undead.
Also, being immune to the plague is different to having your soul personally twisted by the Lich King.

In Cataclysm what will happen to Ravenholdt and Timbermaw?

They join forces and run a daily hub much like the shattered sun offensive, but the quests all involve an insatiable need for pizza.

Pretty sure you are a troll but just in case, wall of text crits you for 500!

The Queue: Snorkelplex {WoW}

Sep 15th 2010 12:42PM If anybody WOULD like to use their spare time to help cure diseases, you can!

Its a drive to use the vast amounts of unused computing power on home computers to run disease curing calculations etc. I'm a part of the (dinosaur comics) group, which currently holds a record of 2 years worth of computing in one day.

It doesnt take much, and if you have a whizzy set up, do your part. It might be a small contribution, but it adds up.

I believe the current computing "drive" is being done in aid of muscular dystrophy.

Give it a look, anyway. :)

The Queue: Predicting the Cataclysm release date {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2010 12:27PM He means Game, and not Gamestop actually.

Game is probably THE leading videogame retail chain in the UK. And yes, it is available to preorder there, no, that does not tell you the release date.

Choose My Adventure: Profession and death polls {WoW}

May 21st 2010 9:46PM Altogether now!


Female worgen preview {WoW}

May 19th 2010 1:36PM Stp tchattin bout textures and things LOL bask in glory of dogswithwigs!

And burnaphatone DUDE, some breds of doog look liek cats LAMO. alsos sheep. You should probably do some research into dogs wearing wigs L.O.L. And sheep.

Choose My Adventure: Should we stay or should we move? {WoW}

Apr 17th 2010 10:36AM You've missed the point of the exercise. Its not about where is "best". If that was the case, they could all be 80 in two weeks, and we really wouldn't need to vote in polls.

Its about seeing things that will change, taking their time, playing through areas that otherwise might be skipped! Its also about us voting to make their levelling - and therefore our articles - as interesting as possible.

I know frost is the best levelling spec. I know that already, I don't need to read a bloomin' article on it. I wish Robin was arcane so that I could see how she fared levelling as that. Thats actually interesting.

Sort it out, voters!