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Encrypted Text: Hunger for Blood is terrible (to play) {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 11:33AM Honestly I agree with Jayc, adding one more button into the rotation isnt that complicated. At least mutilate no longer has the "must be in back of mob" requirement. I really enjoy the way mutilate flows now. Instead of wasting combo points on SnD I get to drop them into damage instead. I find myself doing a lot more damage than combat swords.
In all honesty HfB keeps me paying attention to the raid or instance when I would normally start to wander off and get bored. When I do get lazy, I notice a significant drop in DPS, which is a constaint reminder to focus on the task at hand.
I never liked when i switched from mutilate to combat swords at 70, just to get more damage. I felt that the mutilate spec built stronger and smarter rogues, not the SS, rupture face rolling on the keyboard kind. And I am glad that they brought a little bit of a challange back into assasination.
One final question... Who said playing a Rogue should be easy? There are enough "Rouges" running around to give us all a bad name. There is a reason that huntards exist, we dont need them coming over to our class.