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Blizzard files lawsuit against private server {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 9:55PM You can justify private servers all you want, but Blizzard has other cases to support their claims, and beyond copyright, they can charge Scape with bypassing Blizzard's authentication, which is a violation of the DCMA. Blizzard does not allow their client to be used with anything except their servers, and bypassing that to allow someone to use their client to access a private server is a violation of the law. You have zero standing under the law to use Blizzard's code to access any server but theirs, and anyone helping that is in direct violation - as is every user of the private server, but we'll see if Blizzard starts naming John Doe's in the suit to include those they can prove were doing it.

They can also demand (and get) IP logs and user lists, and use that to show loss of service. They would be stupid not to try and get that, and their lawyers are not stupid. They're also international, so even if the servers are moved, they can still serve them.

All of you who played on Scape's servers, congrats, your usernames - and possibly your ip's and any info you gave them (like using Paypal or a credit card for "donations") - are now potentially part of a Federal lawsuit, and may be turned over to Blizzard's lawyers as part of discovery or a settlement. What Blizzard could do with that information? Who knows, but don't be surprised if they look for the same account names and info on the real servers.

It's not guaranteed, but from what I've read of the woman who runs Scape, she's the type who would turn over everything, and throw all of her users under the bus, to make a bargain with Blizzard.

Drama Mamas: Of crime and crossdressing {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 12:07AM What sex you play shouldn't matter, but then we are talkingabout the largest concentration of socially inept males in the history of the planet, especially when it comes to women - and we all know that type is so insecure in their sexuality it's frightening. The near anger they display when a female cartoon is found to be controlled by a male is hilarious, they act like they've been gypped somehow.

There's also a lot of pent up rage against women in the game, I'm saying that as a straight male, I get embarrassed of my own sex watching some of the dbags and chumps running around my server. They're like the guys I saw in college, who had no self confidence and no game when it came to women, they were afraid of them, and would'nt dare ask one out, so they'd sit around the dorm all weekend and drink cheap beer and play poker, and talk about how all women were bitches, and would be offended that women would have a problem with the literal wall of porn they'd scotchtaped to the wall. They just did'nt get it (literally and figuratively), and the general unwashed masses of this game remind me exactly of those guys. THEM, I could see having a problem with a guy playing a female toon.

But then I remember the pictures of Blizzcon, and it all makes sense. It IS those guys, x 5,000,000.

Giving up on conquering WoW {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 12:42AM You're giving Star Wars WAY too much credit as a draw.

Most people I know simply do not care that much, or are like me, and dislike the hardcore Star Wars crowd, that the game will be packed with. I shudder at the thought of what /general will be like in that game.

The Star Wars crowd is WAY too newb-hostile to support numbers that will even give WoW a momentary pause. Yeah, imagine Mom or Grandma logging in, referring to "Hans Solo", and the abuse and tirades and insults that will fly.

Not only that, but the younger crowd these days are into different things, Star Wars is cool with them, but they don't revere it, or practically worship it like the older players do (and will, in-game). Younger players these days are more into zombies, vampires, Fallout 3 stories, or headshot*BOOM* style gameplay. They live online, and incorporate WOW into that, and use WoW as a large chat room. Star Wars will not encourage that.

I have no doubt SW:TOR will do well, on it's own terms, but eclipse WoW? No. There is already a prejudice built into the public's perception of that community, as being the butt of jokes since the movies came out, and the stereotype of hardcore Star Wars fans being the nerdiest of the basement dwellers. True or not, that stereotype exists, it's used constantly by the media and entertainment industry, and it WILL keep people from grabbing the box from the shelf.

And, like I stated earlier in the thread, there's a lot of people like me who enjoyed the movies, but want nothing to do with that crowd, because I know what Star Wars fans are like.

Giving up on conquering WoW {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 12:20AM The one thing that will keep SW:TOR from being a WoW killer is this:

Not all of us are Star Wars junkies, and there's a lot of people like me, who find Star Wars fanbois so annoying, we won't go anywhere near a Star Wars title.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movies, but the game is going to be crammed with uberfans, and I really want nothing to do with that crowd.

It's the same for Star Trek. The shows were enjoyable, the movies fun, but I don't want to be immersed in that world and deal with the Trekkies and Trekkers.

WoW works because it's easy lore to get into, there's no pre-existing group of people like the Star Wars and Star Trek camp to deal with (and even tho WoW has grown it's own equivelants, they're not nearly as established or annoying), and the lore and world of WoW is a mix of ALL genres, with in-jokes and campiness and seriousness.

SW:TOR is going to be a brutal game for non-fanbois to play - servers will be packed with endless arguments over lore, over who's better, Han or Luke, and massive nerd rage if they don't get every little detail exactly perfect. I just have zero interest in that community, and that community already has far too much invested personally to be open and welcome to newbies.

The only fantasy world that could compete with WoW right now and do as well as or overtake WoW is Harry Potter's universe. It has a built-in fan base that is enormous and is international, it's a fairly easy world to enter, and it's got enough humor and seriousness to satisfy everyone - as long as they did'nt make it a day care center for 6-12 year olds. Wow is fairly similar to Harry Potter in many respects, in terms of characters, humor, accessablity to a wide age group, and just enough dark humor and content to keep the hardcore interested.

A new IP would have to be that good to compete - and not be based on an insular and very newb hostile crowd like Star Wars, or any of the Nerd Canon titles. Star Wars is a beacon of light for a very specific and small community of people, and the average person on the street has already been exposed to that community and feels uncomfortable joining it - the Star Wars crowd has been the butt of jokes and ridicule for decades now.

Besides, the way to beat Wow is to ignore Wow. Who says that anyone needs to beat WoW? There's plenty of people out there who've never played an MMO, and there's plenty of room for a new title to build it's own playerbase without having to steal from WoW. Too many of the games are based on the same tired ideas, and few of them have the right mix to appeal to a broad appeal of people who aren't obsessed with a specific movie or set of books.

The next game that comes close to WoW will do what WoW did, and make it's own rules, and carve it's own way in the wilderness, and throw away the rule book.

I don't see a whole lot of that in the current crop of publishers. *shrug*. Dunno. We'll see.

Doing something nice for other players {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 2:47AM It makes me glad to read threads like this, because more and more it seems like this kind of player is the rare exception, and the rude, greedy players are the norm. At least on my server, anyway - I think most of the low level players are rerolls, and they take advantage of generous players in outrageous ways, so I tend to be leery now about helping strangers. I hate to be that way, but I've been burned too many times. I'm on an original 20 server, though, so the rerolls definitely outnumber the newbies.

Back in the early days of the game, I used to help constantly, it's how you met people. I would spend an afternoon running an instance a couple of times to get a player a specific drop, or buff passerbyes. It was just what you did, and rarely did you play without a buff because of all the drive by buffs you'd get. I learned to love pink paw on my rogue very, very early. :) You helped others do quests, and later on, when you needed help, it was easy to find - it was normal to log on, and get a couple offers within 10 minutes from people you'd run with before. Now, you're lucky if people even talk to you, in a group, or pug. I was in a recent WG raid when we won, and nobody was talking. It's that bad these days.

When I hit 60, I cleared out my bank of a bunch of stuff that was sitting in there, and went around to newb zones and gave it away. Later that year, at Xmas, I did the same thing, but I bought stuff - bags mostly. I leveled several professions, and would give away the stuff I made, because it never sold on the AH, and I hated to "waste" the stuff. When I upgraded bags, I'd give away the old ones in Stormwind or Westfall. I'd level enchanting, so I'd run to a lowbie zone and enchant anyone to level, and run SFK and Deadmines solo for mats - and let lowbies who came along keep everything else.

I was an officer in a leveling guild for years, and I was always helping players. It was part of the fun! Loved doing Deadmines with newbies, to get to see the 'It's the Goonies!" comment at the end. :) Same with taking players to the Crater the first time, so they could see the BIG dinosaurs. We'd buy people their first mounts, and we had a really cool but odd member who logged on, never spoke, and just farmed and quested for hours on her warrior. One Xmas, we all got (for the time) very expensive and uber crafted and dropped gear in the mail from her, that's she'd saved or made or found over the year, with a sweet note of thanks for letting her in the guild. She was awesome, we later got her to raid, I miss her, she was odd, but in a very likable way.

Then I raided, and still helped - running people through UBRS, getting them keyed, getting them attuned, running Dire Maul all weekend to gear people, teaching them, later running the Kara attunement runs for them. Loved it. I was in great guilds, so it was pure pleasure to just log in, grab a run with some lowbies, and spend some time laughing it up on vent.

Now...not so much. I play solo, as most of my friends have moved on. My friend's list is still there, and long, but none of them log on anymore. So, I started multiboxing, and I'm addicted to it, it's a lot of fun, but it's a solo kind of thing, so I don't interact with people much, so I make a point to run a character solo once in a while, and help if I can. Or, if I have my team out (I don't pvp with them, just quests and instances), I'll help burn down elite mobs for other players - I can take down the elite mobs for the 5 man quests in Icecrown in 3-4 hits, and if I see someone loitering around the area, I'll tell them to tag it, and I'll bag it. :) The last time I helped a newbie, I was doing the Dark Night quest in Westfall, and I ran someone who asked through Deadmines in about 20 minutes, and let them keep all the loot, he was cracking up because his bags kept filling up from the cloth and grey items. (80 Pallies FTW)

I've also had to help a lot of players who get masses of mobs dragged on top of them by some douche DK running through a low level zone on their epic mounts. I hate that, they did that to me many times leveling alts.

Oh - don't hate me, but I do not help DKs. Had way too many bad experiences with them. Sorry, not taking that chance anymore. Every bad apple on the server seems to have rolled one, if I see one, i go the opposite direction. Don't blame me, or the class, blame the people playing them.

When I get tired of multiboxing, I'm toying with the idea of heading to a new-ish server, and starting a leveling guild, and try and find as many of the kinds of players posting in this thread as possible. Maybe if more of us start fighting the dbags, we can take the game back from them.

Cataclysm starting zone lore and other new details revealed {WoW}

Sep 27th 2009 11:37PM I'm more interested that Stranglethorn is going to be redone. This is huge - I loathe leveling in there, I've done it so many times. No more pages for the Green Hills Of Stranglethorn? HOORAY!!! Get rid of the WORST quest in the game!

Southshore being gone is interesting too - where will Alliance leveling at that level go now?

Go get your Yeti Hide Cloaks, they might not be around after Cataclysm hits! Go tame the boss tigers, they may not be around either. I'm sure ZG will be there, but revamped for higher levels? Great instance, now nobody bothers.

If Jaina dies...that would bring her father into the mix, which would be interesting...I'm not that attached to her, so I don't care. I'm more curious what happens to Sylvanas.

The Colosseum: A basic guide to the Arena rating system {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 10:14AM The PvP weapon situation is really annoying - I like BGs, and plan on doing my share of Wintergrasp and the Isle, but I cannot get decent PvP weapons unless I do Arena - and I really don't care for Arena, at all.

To me it all smacks of them artificially propping up Arena. Last year, they saw a massive drop in Arena participation, so it's no surprise they're forcing us into Arena to get competitive gear to use in BGs.

I just feel that they've given up on BGs. If you play BGs, you cannot compete against Arena geared players - that is, if anyone actually leaves the starting cave and plays, the AFKing is so rampant. Which is another reason I think they took BG awards away, because they can't figure out how to fight the cheaters.

If you like Arena, awesome. Go play it. But it's hardly fair to those of us who don't like it, to block decent gear from us, because we choose to play BG's. I'm going to try and enjoy some PvP from time to time, but I don't see getting too serious when the best gear I can get is pitiful compared to the current Season sets - and I'm not going to bother with Arena - tried it, hated it, not interested.

Breakfast Topic: I hate {WoW}

Sep 11th 2009 10:13AM Who do I hate?

Last night in /General
Newb: "What is SFK?"
Dbag "lawl deinstall yur game if yur that stupid"
(/who Newb, level 19"

Yeah. I hate THAT guy. Along with the millions of other dbags who are destroying the game.

So, yeah, I hate about 90% of the people who play WoW.

You get extra hate if you use the terms "lawl", "Bad", "welfare", "noob", "handing out", and "LFG TANK HEALZ UK H MUST HAVE ACHIEVEMENT AND 4000DPS and FULL TIER 9"

Just die in a fire, asshats.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm leaked by MMO-Champion {WoW}

Aug 14th 2009 11:22PM As long as the SA forums are connected to this, I refuse to take it seriously. I love the goons dearly, but I won't be duped by them.

I've been playing this game for 4 years. I've seen a lot of "leaks" that were 100% true, which turned out to be complete nonsense.

It all feels like a wish list that's been adjusted to fit a few, sparse details from data mining, with some daydreams and bad lore ideas thrown in.

Me, I have some suspicions that this might be more about traffic for some websites, rather than a real leak. It would'nt be the first time a blog did something like this to drive traffic, and get their page views up.

I'm just sayin'. If I'm wrong, whatever. I'm just too old and jaded by internet shananingans to take something like this on faith.

Onyxia returns in Patch 3.2.2 {WoW}

Aug 12th 2009 11:20PM Well, I guess we know this:

3.3 won't be before November, most likely January, if the PTR for it goes up in November, at the earliest.

3.2.1 is before this - Bug fixes and the new PvP Season, thus, the first week of September for 3.2.1.

The PTR, if up "soon", will be up a LONG time - the rest of August, and all of September and October. So 3.2.2 won't have the new Brewfest or Hallows stuff, but will have the new Thanksgiving content.