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The E-Ho game {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 8:16AM Hame I "met" one? unfortunately yes, she was blatant and disgustingly obvious.

With that said, however, let me make it clear. It is NOT the norm in my experience.

In my guild, "The three kings" on Skywall (H), We have a small but growing number of femail players, we use Vent so I know the are actually women. They have never NEVER used being femail to garner any favors, and are more than adaquate players who know their characters strengths and play them very well.

One in particular, Tirona (Tauren Druid, feral), is very active in our guild both as a player and in an administrative role. Simply put, as a Druid, she kicks ass, both in PVE and PVP.

Is there flirting? Yes some, but nothing more than would happen between any large group of good friends. Nothing even close to being above a pg13 rating.

My point is, Yes "E-Hos" exsist, but they are the product of male players willing to be their "Johns" just to fullfill some hormonal fantasy. "E-Hos" are NOT, by far, only female players nor are the majority of female players "E-Hos".

I invite any female player, that is tired of trying to hide the fact that they are female, and has a horde character on Skywall to look up "The three Kings".

We will welcome you and you can openly be yourself. Check us out at:

Breakfast Topic: Love Is In the Air {WoW}

Nov 25th 2006 1:38PM To answer the question:
#Quote# What about you guys? Have you ever met someone you were interested in while playing WoW? Would you arrange a date? Or is it still too weird? #quote#

Yes absolutely. There are a couple of women in my guild, they are both fun to group with, and great players.
One in particular I would love to get to know better, she has a great voice (we use vent) and I have seen a picture of her from her blog.

Unfortunately we live in different areas of the country and travel is not possible right now.

Ahh well!!

(If you are reading this Hi "T")

All your secret alts exposed {WoW}

Nov 8th 2006 7:16AM Wow! I must admit I am divided here.

One one hand, like the Mr. Nelson, I like to be able to play my alt quietly without guild/friends list interuption.

On the other, being able to "flag" a jerk or ninja's account in such a way that I may NEVER deal with that person on any character or server would be extremely nice.

A beta look at Jewelcrafting {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 6:35AM Two thoughts here:

1) Looks good, some nicely useful items here.
2) I hope Bliz is increasing the number of ore gathering places.

With blacksmiths, engineers, and now jewlcrafters needing ore the price is going to scyrocket as supplies are even more taxed. destroying 5 ore to get 1 gem, makes the gems more valuable as well. I believe Blizz is right in the mechanics of how to get your crafting supplies, but with supplies SO limited I think it is going to do two things.

a)Raise the prices of Ore, Bars, Gems, Blacksmith created items, and the few sellable Engineer created items)

b) Lower the prices of Leathercrafter created items, and Alchemy products as more and more people take these professions due to the expected decline in available metal resources.

Blizz This is a great addition....please, at least, watch the effect this has. If I am wrong, well, shame on me for being a doomsayer, and if I am right please do something to at least maintain the current costs of supplies. (increase the number of gathering points, increase the number of items gathered at each point....heck create a dummy account and sell the supplies in the AH at a reasonable price - (that would be one way to artificially regulate the prce)

Soloing in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 6:07AM Count me in for solo content at endgame.

I belong to a guild (The Three Kings, Horde, Skywall) and I love the camaraderie. We have Vent and chatting with my guildies is great, and it is especially fun when have the opportunity to hook up with a few for a dungeon crawl. However; I can not dedicate large portions of my life (4 to 8 hours at a chunk) consitently, to the current endgame. As I understand it the big rewards (major loot) come from the larger raid instances and as a person who work 5-6 days a week 8-10 hours a day this kind of dedication requirement really does mean-- "Hey! Thanks for playing... Now you are screwed, go away."

I am very excited about the 10 level cap increase that is coming and hopefully those 10 levels will also be soloable. Then I wont have to retire quite so soon and make the hard choice of rerolling and drudging through the first 10-15 levels of boredom before I can start to enjoy another character.

(Maybe by the time I hit 70 I will win the Lottery and be able to make WOW a career.) Hey, I can dream!

It's official...Burning Crusade delayed until January 2007, new content patch on the way {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 11:27AM Is this GREAT news?!? - Not really.

But lets face it; with all the heckling we (general classification for all voisterous players) have given Blizz over the technical issues with WOW when it was first released, I really believe this was a sensible and responsible thing for them to do.

The product must REALLY not be ready for release because they are going to see a major hit in the pocket-book by not having this our for the "Christmas Customer Feeding Frenzy".

So I will be patient and I know where I am going to spend MY christmas money.

Breakfast Topic: Gold Buying And You {WoW}

Sep 14th 2006 9:19AM Let me start by answering the originally posted questions then begin my RANT ;)

Have you ever bought gold? -NO
Know anyone who has his Visa card on file at a gold selling site? -Yes plenty
Are you ever tempted to buy? -(shame faced) Yes

Let me continue by asking two retorical questions:
Why to people buy gold? (and) Why do things cost so much?

These two questions are an actual infinate loop, one feeding the other.

The first question is orginaly answered by the fact that low levels (who dont have a higher lvl to twink them) want to purchase gear or other items that they have not been able to farm or gather through game play, to have an edge (or even out an edge) in game play.

The second question is answered in one simple word...greed. Too much gold running around due to the gold buyers having it to purchase items that should be difficult but not impossible to get for a normal (non-gold buyer/twink) player. The characters selling these items want a premium to buy higher level gear (or catch the irony here) have gold to sell to the gold selling services or to other players...

These two alone fuel the gold buying industry and the cost of items in the AH. Greed would always raise the prices in the AH, but lack of qualified buyers would bring the prices back down to a reasonable level.

Disclaimer: Epic Mount cost, which is game set not player set, is an exception to this. When the price is game set and not player set greed takes a much lower role. and as long as Blizzard does not jack the price to compensate for gold purchases.... well mabey here in this one case it is justifiable.

I dont have a character that qualifies for that mount yet.... so I can not comment on the justifiability

Breakfast Topic: Noob Encounters {WoW}

Sep 7th 2006 12:59PM All of these comments make me both wince and feel better.... strange I know... but I was starting to think my Alliance mage, Endante, and Hord Hunter, Kicksthebull,were some how n00b magnets.

The one behavior tha really gets under my hoof is the low lvl begging cash... and you know they do it so often and for so long, that you know they are like the guy on your local street corner with a cardboard sign..
they have almost taken to a pro lvl. it is annoying and the more that do it, the more new players see it and start to emulate it as a natural part of leveling their character. As far as I am concerned a n00b is not always a newbie... there is a big difference. I will bend over backward to help a newbie trying to understand the game and mechanics... but a n00b well teleporting to razorfen (as suggested by an earlier poster) would be VERy well deserved.

WoW Insider Contest: Win Character Art! {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 5:36AM Kicksthebull (Tauren Hunter) Wing-Clips the Ninja Akuma, War-Stomps to stun the rest of the competition and fires up Aspect-of-the-Cheeta to out run everyone to the artists studio. *Studio Flag captured by Kicksthebull*

Should Blizzard End Twinking For Good? {WoW}

Aug 18th 2006 12:14PM I am guessing that #14 is a twinker... what do you think???

I have to agree with the poster at #1, Put caps on what lvl of enchant a piece of equipment can take. BOOM it's fixed.

Perfect?? no! but it would go along way to fixing some of the economy, BG balance, and fun for the players that are trying to play the game the way it was intended.

HEY BLIZZARD this would also put a huge bite in the Real World market for in game gold. Twinks arent only done to low level alts, they are also done by those that havent played the game, but just buy gold to twink their primary. I am even starting to consider it, as bad as the imbalances are getting. and hey in-game gold is getting cheep and is very easy to buy!!