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More on Ulduar and hard modes {WoW}

Jan 4th 2009 7:58AM Gruul was a joke. I killed him prenerf, but we just flasked out. That's all WoW PvE has ever been - flasking, overtuned encounters, and the nerfbat. Now it seems they've taken out the overtuned part and emphasized the nerfbat's presence.

SSC was the only place that was kind of difficult. In the begining, like March 07, I mean. Do you remember how the Murlocs used to spawn every 60 minutes like clockwork? So you'd be clearing to a boss, and right as you got him, have about 2 attempts before LAWL RESPAWNS.

Not that it was enjoyable, but at least it kept from everyone running around in Tier 5 until 1.5 years later. Now within a week or two fo hitting 80, everyone's got their Heroes' gear and drops from 25-man KT they pugged. I saw a Mage who pulled 800 DPS in EoE (a pug I did on my alt) with KT's sword. Same Mage who couldn't even make Thaddius' jump after tne tries :(

Whatever, afk waiting for the casualcore to call me an elitist prick and remind me that I represent no one in WoW and I care too much about my gear and it's... just... a game.

More on Ulduar and hard modes {WoW}

Jan 4th 2009 7:33AM @Eh?

Don't be sad cause your guild can't even kill nerfed content and people like BRK are your heroes. Head over to World of Matticus for your 10-man strats.

Actually I can sum up all strats for all 10-man content: don't fucking drool on your keyboard and you too can have emazin gear.


Yep, they did. The splashes are slightly slower. Plus they removed the whole teleport factor (but I'm sure you did 40 man since you're not an idiot so you already knew). The fight makes me laugh when I see it now. It used to make me, well, at least look at the ground. Now I just auto-run forward :(

Honestly, it's so sad seeing what Naxx has become. They took arguably the best instance in the game and pissed on it. Even Gluth used to be "scary" - if he ate a zombie or two, you were in danger of wiping. I did a 25-man where our Mage dc'd, then our second Mage just died, and we still won despite Gluth healing to like 70%.

When I first cleared 25-man Naxx, it felt like it was the same Naxx at 70. You know, like the same HP and same abilities, only we had 20 levels on all of it.

It's not so much that it's easy, I knew Naxx would be easy. It's that this new content will be as well if they think Sarth with Drakes was an "adequate challenge," and that lots of freaking morons seem to think it's hard.

WoW raiding == standing out of red stuff, mashing 4-5 buttons (depending on class), and once in a very while hitting good buttons like LoH or shield wall at the right time because some other idiot failed.

And that's it. Unfortunately I think 99% of the idiots reading this hold delusions that this was hard, Karazhan was hard, and drops from Sunwell were something meant to drool over from WoWHead - not actually equip. Too bad I equipped them and am being punished for having the ability to not click my abilities by being given easier content anyone can PUG.

tl;dr -- How long til people say we're the same person!!!????

More on Ulduar and hard modes {WoW}

Jan 4th 2009 5:50AM So I read the GM's statement after initially just lulzing at the comments:

"A raid group that's done Naxxramas, Malygos, and Sartharion and obtained the gear from those encounters should be well prepared for Ulduar. Not only is the raid's gear better, but players should now have some raiding experience under their belts. "

That makes me realize this new content is gonna be a joke like Naxx was. The problem is Blizz devs are walking into this thinking 99% of the players have never raided prior, and tuning to that case - "introductory content." The game started four frigging years ago, we don't need introductions anymore. I was there wiping to C'Thun when he was bugged, and I was there the night we fought for world firsts in KT's chamber. It was easy then and it's ridiculously easy now - when will the nerfing stop?

TBC was a decent balancing point, honestly. Raiding got opened up significantly to both hardcore and casual people alike. Baddies got their epic Karazhan and ZA, sometimes TK/SSC. Even more subpar people experienced top tier content; so many people saw Sunwell after the Muru nerfs, so many trash guilds killed Illidan after the new talent trees, and lots of people got their welfare epics.

So why continuously dumb it down? "Raiding experience under our belts?" I would bet the majority of WoW at least has entered a raid, be it a 10 or 20-man. Hell, even if you only raided in TBC, you had a good two years of raiding. You don't need stuff so easy a three-year-old with downs could do. It's like how they made Heigan's dance *SLOWER* so more people could do it, or how you can have a DK just pick up KT should your main tank fail at void zones.

And before someone replies about elitists and no lives, I'm all for raiding not taking up my life anymore. As someone who has had every tier of gear and now has a full-time job, I don't dig 6 days straight of wiping to a boss. But I also don't dig one day clears of all content, then sitting on my ass, maybe raiding 25-man on an alt, and my main's gear nearly done in just 5 KT clears.

Only to read some idiot's blog about how exhausting it was getting one wing of 10-man down. I'm just baffled at how bad people are, and how Blizzard makes things easier instead of making people try. Trying in a video game is what a game is all about - if we didn't wanna try or learn to play mildly, we'd just go play Tetris or something (which might be harder than WotLK raiding atm).

Whatever, I'm probably posting to the worst possible place. I'm awaiting the "elitist bitch" catcalls, the PvE is hard lines. But truth be told, PvE has always been a joke. All they're doing now is nerfing it into more than just a joke, to the point where it bores me to tears to even enter.

3 Drakes has been on farm in my guild for over a month now. And that's supposed to be as hard as the hardest content in this new dungeon. Just... facepalm. I'm glad the Karazhan kids are happy and have their gear, but I'm wondering why WoW even has PvE content anymore or why it bothers pretending this new zone will be anything more than a week of learning and then farm status?

At least they could make it 40 idiots raiding at once again. Or, hell, reinstate items like the Hunter's bow quest and the Priest's staff quest. Or make something mildly hard. Illidan pre-nerf at least took some skill, some amount of raid coordination. Nothing as hard as pre-TBC, but still. Every guild that downed Illidan had at least 5-10 decent players. Now the hardest we have is some dumbed down 4H encounter where the damn horses run to their perfect corners.

/end rant
p.s. Flame away, you're all bad if you disagree.

More on Ulduar and hard modes {WoW}

Jan 4th 2009 4:32AM I cannot believe you can't beat that instance and are actually complaining about its difficulty. I hope the dagger never ever drops for you.

More on Ulduar and hard modes {WoW}

Jan 4th 2009 4:27AM It'll be easy and boring, but at least it's not an instance I already cleared years ago with reskinned gear my main already has.

And hey, look on the bright side! We'll get to see BRK's infinitely helpful posts about an instance he still won't be able to complete despite how dumbed down it is and other casual bloggers like Matticus babble stupidly about how hard it is (and how they finally got a boss on farm!).