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Teen arrested for making suicide threat to a GM {WoW}

Jan 4th 2009 11:01PM ahaha, lol this makes me laugh alot, because a child in my general area (like town) got his xbox 360 taken away, and couldn't play call of duty 4, so being a stupid ass 15 year old, he ran away, in the middle of october, now where i live, we sometimes get some snow in october, so he ended up being out for like 2 weeks, finally people found his body, he had supposedly climbed a tree, fallen out and a rib punctured his lung. Yea, he died, over a video game. luckily this kid here, was only joking about suicide. I bet he would be real unhappy to know that call of duty world at war was released on remembrance day. Also seriously if you cant get what you want on retail, join a private server, its free, and you can get alot more than you could on retail, with a few bugs along the way. If I was the GM i woulda tried a reverse phycology trick like: yea you gonna do it? do it you pussy fuck! do it if your a man! lol, bet it would of left the kid speechless.