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Breakfast Topic: Blizzard's patch 3.1 goals {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 7:19AM "... the rogues who commented about all we do is dps and its like vanilla wow. .... Um thats what rogues do, If you get bored of your class because it seems to be the same over and over again, roll another toon. what do they think rogues are gona do , heal lol maybe some spell dmg"

I play rogue and of course I want to do DPS. So why won't Blizzard let me? I picked the damn class to do DPS - lots of DPS.

You tell me what is the point of having a rogue in a raid if, when equally geared, we are out DPSed by hybrid classes?

With duel specs I fear the whole BTPNTC thing is going out the window. Surely this will put hybrids at the top of the pile? They will be able to switch specs for each boss encounter as required to provide optimum raid make-up.

Doh! Nice one Blizzard.

Breakfast Topic: The noob old days {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 8:10AM Hahaha... I look back on the noob days with a great fondness.
Not doing the class quests was the big mistake for me... It was like missing the tutorial. I didn't know how to lockpick or pickpocket until about level 30 and discovered talents... Didn't know what to put where to be honest. I hadn't even heard of the poison quest chain.

Straight away I picked a rogue and it took me until about level 30 to discover Thotbott and map coords which helped with the questing.

I remember downing my first character in a group quest and it was amazing. We wiped a few times and persisted and when we did it we were all buzzing. Back then there was no quest-helper like today and it was all about completing every quest in the zone. I still do get excited at completing the more challenging quests/instances/raids (is that sad?).

I sort of miss the times where it was all new and you had to read the quests properly to work out where/when/who/what to do and explore.

Great days.

Since then the game has evolved for me and it's all about end-game. Levelling is more a chore for me having done it once already. However, I do think WotLK has brought more fun back into the game with the greater variety of quests... It's still all about end-game for me now.

I had never raided before (and took part in naxx10 for the first time last night!) since it was too elite first time round in TBC and my guild wasn't strong enough. At level 70 I stopped and quit the game... Grinding all that rep was too much like a chore and no fun for me and only the hardcore of the hardcore could do raids. Second time round I'm in a strong guild and loving raids!

I think I'm past the noob stage but find I'm still constantly learning - only last night I reworked my gear having done a bit of research and using gear I had in bank increased my DPS by over 250!... A lot has changed since the early days of TBC; I find it much harder to work out which is the optimum gear spec with all the more stats on them today... attack power, hit, crit, expertise, armour pen, haste as well as the good agility and stamina.

Of course these days there is a whole lot more information out there on the internet and a lot of theory-crafting which can help everyone.

Great game :)

Ghostcrawler on the success of "bring the player not the class" {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 12:15PM Blah blah blah... Bring the player not the class... I agree to a certain extent but not when the player is gimped by the class. As long as you can down the bosses then who cares what classes are in the raid right?

However, if it's a case of bring the player not the class wouldn't this (eventually) lead to all classes being practically the same? Every class could tank, every class could heal, every class could dps... not mentioning any classes... Cough cough Palladins cough Druids cough cough... Where's the differentiation?

If you are a DPS class but you want to heal then go a HEALER or pick a hybrid which can do both... BUT don't expect that class to DPS better than a pure DPS class... OR heal better than a pure HEALER class.

That is balance.

Personally, I'm tired of everyone wanting to be invincible. Look at the amount of people playing Pallas now? Nothing against Pallas... they seem to be the superclass at the moment.

I am still of the opinion a pure class should > hybrid class at their specific role. It is a specific role and they should be the best at it (if played right).

A specialist should be > than a jack-of-all-trades. In any situation when a jack-of-all-trades > than a specialist the specialist is then redundant/obsolete.

/wishes he didn't love his class so much atm and rolled a hybrid instead

When questing is the reward {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 8:35AM I have to agree. For me questing is really just a means to level quickly. By the time I hit level 50 I was practically brain-dead from the "kill-20-of-these-and-20-of-those" grinding quests.

As soon as I hit 58 I was off to Outland where, although the xp was great in comparison, you still have do those grinding quests.

Luckily for me this was my 2nd time around in Outland so I wasn't too fussed about seeing everything again. I managed to level to 68 having only completed all quests in Hellfire and Zangermarsh (and some in Terokkar Forest) thanks to lots of DKs wanting to run instances.

My aim was to get to Northrend as soon as possible. At 68 I was off to Borean Tundra and I was expecting a bit of an improvement but more of the same grinding quests.

NORTHREND is amazing. The quests are really good fun and I found myself getting into the story line. It really does feel like you do things for a purpose and the variety is great too.

I am currently about an hour away from starting the "Defending Undercity" which I've read so much about and it looks fantastic. I have to take my hat off to Blizzard for coming up with this stuff. It is a shame the capability wasn't there to make questing so enjoyable before but better late than never.

My advice to anyone playing is get to 68 and get WOTLK (if you haven't already got it) and get yourself to Northrend. Forget getting to 70 first.

Welldone Blizzard! I'm looking forward to the next expansions already if this is anything to go by and I've only completed 1 zone in Northrend.

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 11:19AM My first character when I discovered WoW (when TBC was released) was a Blood Elf Rogue... I didn't play for about a week trying to think of a cool name.

I wanted something that sounded a bit Elvish and took inspiration from something to do with astronomy (stars and stuff). In the end I came up with Aphelion.

Character fit and a bit of personality is what makes the name... Orcs called Steve just don't cut it.

Now with WOTLK I have an Undead Rogue called Boo. Short, simple, fits the character and is easily remembered. Personally I love this name and will never change it.

As an aside if the name you want is taken you can always use two words. If you want Grim and it's taken, call yourself a variation - chances are if you're called Grimlock most people will just call you Grim. When I named my first character Aphelion people used to just call me Aphe (which I liked even more tbh).

Breakfast Topic: Unpopular classes {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 12:09PM I'm a rogue on ChamberofAspects (EU) and I'd say we are 2nd rarest with warlocks even more scarce.

DKs, palladins and hunters are a plenty but I like being in the minority and will always be a Rogue no matter cries of OP or nerfs. Rogue is my class and the most fun class to play for me.

In BGs I used to get kited by hunters all day long, and I could never be bothered to fight palladins when there were easier targets around. Now, however, I find about 4/5 times I win vs hunter/palla. Of course every now and then I come across a "real" hunter/palla and get spanked which leads me to believe a load of noobs have re-rolled. Having said that I have yet to come across an enemy rogue in BGs who isn't any good on my server.

The same goes for DKs which is only to be expected given they are the new "hero" class and everyone can have one. I used to avoid DKs having heard about their strength in PvP. Again, 4/5 times I win 1vs1 against a DK. Of course against "real" DKs I get properly spanked.

Personally, I love the fact the weak have fallen, the noob rogues have abandoned the class and re-rolled another leaving only the "real" rogues to carry on.

Yes, we are a "one-trick-pony" class like the mage, but I love what we do and it does give me a sense of identity. I have made many rogue friends and BGing together is wicked fun.

I'm proud to be a rogue (unlike post-TBC where we had a reputation for all being noobs).

I will ALWAYS be a rogue!

Breakfast Topic: What you call home {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 9:04AM Well I haven't had the pleasure of going to Northrend yet but have to say as a Horde character Orgrimmar is by far the best city imo. Looks the best and everything is so easy to find and it's easy to get around. It's also the busiest city (on the servers I've played on anyway) and The Capital City for Horde.

Silvermoon just seems too clean for Horde but then that's belfs for you.

Undercity is too awkward with the split levels always having to go up stairs to mailboxes and bank then down to auctioneers etc. It's has a "too-organised" feel about it too in some parts.

Lichborne: The 2008 Death Knight year in review {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 6:18AM I have to agree with Kaphik here. I play a rogue and we are a class who has to use our CDs wisely. I'm no expert but I don't waste anything.

Any DK/Rogue can hit all their CDs and win a fight. Of course the problem then is if that's the only way you play then you can't kill nayone until your CDs are back (this is the same argument rogues had ages ago - all the noobs burning all their CDs in one fight to own and then complain everything was on CD).

In PvP I am pleasantly surprised when I gank a DK since 8/10 times they absolutely destroy me.

As for QQing about mages blinking away out of range and kiting you... Welcome to the our world. Hunters do the same. Obviously, the problem with melee classes is range.

In response to whether there are too many DKs out there - I believe there are too many but this was obviously going to happen given only one hero class was introduced. Some DKs will be "mains" now and some nothing more than an "alt" (or shelved completely.

The same will happen if only one hero class is introduced in the next expansion... Everyone will have a play-about with it and sehlve it, for some it will become their "main" and for others nothing more than an "alt".

GC says good things coming for Warlocks {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 5:27AM Fantomredux,

As a rogue I have to use up 5-6 slots in my bag for poisons and a slot for a pick lock tool (which just sits there).

So what if you have to fill up slots with shards. Everyone has to use up bag slots for their class. Get over it.