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12 Days of Joyswag: Lord of the Rings: War in the North (Collector's Edition) {Joystiq}

Dec 16th 2011 4:03PM You have my (vanguard tottin ) Shotgun.

Drama Mamas: My guildie is a registered sex offender {WoW}

Aug 15th 2011 3:47PM If there is anything else I can do, or any questions I can answer, I'd be happy to try.

Drama Mamas: My guildie is a registered sex offender {WoW}

Aug 15th 2011 2:07PM I work (community supervision, treatment and case management) with juveniles who are convicted of sexually abusive behaviors, and I am familiar with a number of laws regarding sex offender registries. A number of states now require individuals to register email address and Facebook user names with their registering officer (who may be probation or parole, or just the local sheriff). It is entirely possible that the individual who is a registered offender is in violation of their conditional release because they did not inform anyone of their online activities.

Everyone on the registry has a their risk level. In the case of juveniles, they are more likely to break the law in a non-aggressive non sexual way. The cases of young-adult offenders is less clear cut: Some of them could be "Romeo and Juliet" offenders. This sub-category of offenders is actually quite small, and I would be extremely wary of simply taking the offenders word at being one of the few.

Adult offenders risk depend on a number of factors, including victim preference and patterned nature of offending. Long story short, most adult offenders do not just 'got out and offend.' They tend to follow a pattern of trigger-fantasy-offend-mask/hide offense. Some sex offenders have elaborate patterns, others have very fast-acting ones. This is something that a number will address in treatment--yes, there is counseling, medication and other forms of treatment for sex offenders--and most should be able to inform someone of what happened and how it happened.

What matters in WoW is the safety and the comfort of the guild. Personally, I don't think I could play wow with a SO simply because I work with them 9-5. I worry about my caseload when I am not at work, I do not want nor do I need the additional worry while I am distressing. I am aware of how selfish this may sound, but this is my personal life/work life boundary.

Once the guild leader discovered the SO in the guild, a conversation should have been held with the entire leadership about the nature of the case. This is easier said than done. Talking about SOs can be difficult even among people who are supposed to be providing services for them. Removed from that segment of the population, it is difficult to remain "objective" about SOs.

The SO can be at any risk level, but for the comfort of the guild the SO may need to be asked to leave. WoW is just a game, but to enjoy this game one has to be comfortable. Diminishing guildies concerns by saying, "it's just a game" misses the point. Talking about SOs brings up a lot of baggage for a majority of people, and being uncomfortable with people you play the game with makes this game unplayable.

There is a lot going on in this post, but I think the Drama Mamma's did a fine job addressing it.

Tl;dr: SOs have a variety of charges, victims and risk levels and to assume anything is very risky. The Guild leadership mentioned in this article botched it. The concerns should have been addressed in a manner that addressed guildie's fears.

Breakfast Topic: Have you met any WoW players in real life? {WoW}

May 6th 2011 2:59PM A number of my guildies came to my wedding. Hell, one of my guildies was in my wedding party.

Here is the pic to prove it happened.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 4: Razer Naga Molten gaming mouse {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 5:04PM Happy holidays!! I'd like a nice mouse, plz.

Blizzard releases Cataclysm system requirements {WoW}

Oct 19th 2010 7:36PM Now if only Apple fixes the openGL drivers so Mac users can experience Cata's enhanced graphics.

Drama Mamas: I think I'm in love with my RP partner {WoW}

Oct 1st 2010 3:59PM Personally, I think Someone needs to examine the idea of building "high walls between ourselves and our characters," and how she then directs it to falling for her in-game partner. The relationship between oneself and one's character is not the same as the boundaries between players. While both sets of boundaries are important, they are distinct and separate ideas.

People develop jealousies (petty or not) in Real Life all the time. The task, at that point, is to examine why the jealousy occurs. The same should occur in this RP relationship. Is it the nature of the players other RP relationships that has you irked or is it those other relationships existence that has you upset? Keep in mind that any close relationship can have blurry boundaries--you have to spend time understanding those boundaries before you decide to eliminate them or strengthen them.

There are also more than two ways to handle the situation. The dramatic severing of contact is unnecessary if Someone and her partner can discuss their feelings in a positive manner. What concerns me is that Someone declares the relationship"unhealthy." I'm i the mental health field, and from Someone's brief description, I don't see an unhealthy relationship, just blurred boundaries. This situation is troublesome, but not necessarily unhealthy. The "feeling like hell" is, of course, a terrible feeling. But in my experience (real life, RP and professional) that feeling is indicative of change more than a dire situation.

Someone, I really think you should examine what's going on with your thoughts. Turn off the game and spend time figuring out where you stand. Talk to a friend about it so you can clarify your thoughts, review the Drama Mama articles and then talk to your partner. Figure out the what and whys of what you want and then act. Keep in mind that people do get jealous. There is nothing wrong with that--what matters is how you act because of those feelings.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day five {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 9:00AM I don't care what the other commenters said about you, I still think you're cool.

April Guild of the Month: Wildfire Riders on Feathermoon {WoW}

May 13th 2009 9:08PM We, um, kinda recruited a number of forum trolls for our guild.