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Teen arrested for making suicide threat to a GM {WoW}

Jan 10th 2009 12:25PM I did not grow up in any third world country I grew up in the U.S.A but, one fact that has been proven countless times is that if you don't actively discipline A child they don't learn anything from doing things that harm others or them selves.

FYI a time out is a type of "punishment" which involves being sat in a chair and not being aloud to "play" or do anything else for a period of about 5 min. It teaches nothing and is completely useless as a form of discipline.

The longer a child goes without any type of useful discipline the more they are likely to do something as completely ignorant as this child did.Case in point my 7 year old daughter, back when I did not spank her or take away privileges she got steadily worse in her behavior and got in more and more trouble at school and her grades were garbage why ? because she had gotten the idea in her head that no matter what she did the punishment would be unimportant. So now she looses a privilege or gets her bike taken away for a day or more depending on the severity of what she did, In some cases she gets spanked on her bear butt 3 times no more no less, sometimes she will be grounded or made to stand in the corner STAND not sit in a chair. Now she still gets in some trouble but, nowhere near as much and her grades have drastically improved. discipline is a good thing.

This boy that was 16 thought it would be a good ploy to tell someone he would kill himself if he did not get his way in a video game, you have any idea how many companies have been sued because people made similar threats for similar reasons the company's basically did a "yeah right" and then they did do it and the family sued the company for negligence ? Literally thousands.

The difference here was the CHILD had no intention of doing it as mentioned in the story he used a very serious and real issue to try to gain support for his fictional video game desires. Obviously this child has been in an environment with little to no effective or real discipline.

Most police departments are undermanned and underfunded and its in many cases a near impossible task to have enough officers and patrol cars to deal with real issues, when this call comes in now they have to send an officer and more then likely 3-5 due to the fact that at the time they have no idea if this is a violent case or not, you have any idea how many real suicides the police try to stop and the subject kills a few cops as well as himself in the incident ? again thousands, only to find out that while they could have been responding to a real call that was a real threat to someones life they instead have a child trying to get his way in a video game and now due to this child's antics someone could really die because the police that would have been available to prevent this are held up with a child who is not intelligent enough to realize a video game is not that important. Lack of Discipline, no respect for others.

Courts tend to be over booked and way behind on pending cases again because of a lack of proper funds to handle the loads real cases are waiting to be heard that involve real issues, not video game issues, and real cases have a time limit they have to be heard during or the real criminal could be set free to go hurt more people because the time the judge could have been listing to his/her case is no consumed by listening to some nonsense about a brat that made a phony threat in regards to a fictional world. Lack of discipline, no respect for others.

To someone in small town America these may seem like exaggerated or maybe extreme examples but, the sad reality is that this type of thing happens far to often in large cities where real criminals slip through the cracks because of nonsense like this child pulled.

More then likely if this child had been taught to respect others and had some discipline he would not have thought to do this in the first place. The punishment needs to be severe to teach the very important lesson that real people CAN be affected and subject to REAL issues over his bringing real people into his video game antics.

Teen arrested for making suicide threat to a GM {WoW}

Jan 6th 2009 5:08PM I don't think he punishment was severe enough, kids these days are alot different then when I was growing up, why? because of all the flower power politic's that wont let you spank your child or do more then give them a time out when they act an idiot.

A time out does nothing that's pretty much all this kid got and its teaching him what ? that the consequences to doing this are some and illrealavent ?

When I was growing up anyone under 18 would not dare disrespect an adult to there face like these kids do. They were taught better then that not like these kids today that think they have a right to act like idiots and do so rather often.

Not that they should beat him but 2-3 months in a juvi correctional faculty and if they don't have one close then pack him off to one in the back of a police car or prison bus cuffed the entire trip to the nearest one reguardless of distance> then mabye the idiot would learn something.