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Breakfast Topic: Do you wish we didn't have to use AddOns? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 8:12AM The only problem with Blizzard's adaptations of addons... is ironically enough, they're cheap knock-offs. They take a great idea, and try to copy it and add it into the game... but I don't know anyone who raids exclusively with just blizzards threat system, without throwing Omen on top of it. It's voice chat all over again... people still use vent, and I personally, will still use addons.

Breakfast Topic: Does the guild recruitment channel work? {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 8:06AM I've managed to get a couple people from GuildRecruitment. I refuse to spam trade chat, so those were about the only people I got from a random in game ad too.

WoW 3.1 PTR: Swimming mount video {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 6:36AM Wow, someone went off the deep end... I find it ironic and somewhat cool that the worst looking land mount (chicken) just looks awesome underwater. Kind of reminds of of T-rex's swimming.

Ready Check: Guide to Naxxramas (Gluth) {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2009 1:16AM Thanks for these guides, they're some of the best for Naxx I've ever seen... and more than anything, which is perhaps why I love them so much... you discuss important bits about trash as well.

From my experience learning how to clear trash can be more painful than learning to down a boss.

Clams getting more special treatment {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 10:21AM You know, while it's not a relatively huge issue... I'd rather see it so mages can't wtfpwn my pally before I can get a heal off (but hey, they're getting buffed), I actually like this change. For those who lack the necessary attention span to not try to convert primals or open clams while flying about the world as high as is plausible, this is actually a very very helpful thing.

Oracles or the Frenzyheart, which did you choose? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 4:47PM While I dont like the Frenzyheart all that much, I'm a miner. For the convenience factor I chose them, because they're all over my nodes. I wonder if this weighed in on anyone else minds