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Forsaken World launch trailer debuts {Massively}

Mar 16th 2011 9:07AM This game may have been interesting even in spite of the click-to-move nonsense, but what killed it for me were the constant crashes. It literally crashes my Win 7 gaming rig. And not just to the bsod, but right to the "no video signal detected" stage! You asian developers really need to do some serious quality control checks before you release your games. :-/

Dungeon finder, vote kicking hotfixes on the way {WoW}

Feb 20th 2011 9:36AM I tried to be a part of the solution to the long queue times with the LFD feature and rolled a tank. And sure enough, the queue times were near instantaneous, but then something else happened. Suddenly, everyone was behaving really nasty or some huntard or stupid assed mage was dps'ing the mobs before I had a chance to pull them and then wondering why he was getting aggro, among other things. So I never took my tank out pugging anymore. He'll be reserved only for my guild. And no, I wasn't being mistreated by douchebags because I was a "baddie". Most of the time we hadn't even cleared the first round of trash packs before the douchebaggery started. And mind you, this was when my tank was starting out at the early levels of the game where it wasn't really complicated with "standing in the fire" issues and such. So the tank shortage will continue until all the gaming "kidz" learn some common courtesy. For all you rude dps'ers out there, if you're rude to your tanks, don't wonder why they don't want to be in pugs, therefore making your queue times that much longer.

Phat Loot Phriday: Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds {WoW}

Dec 17th 2010 4:42PM " I am become Death [Shiva], the destroyer of worlds..."

Blizzard's responses on the Real ID situation {WoW}

Jul 8th 2010 4:17AM I hope you guys running this site don't just let this issue die. This is a game changer and quite possibly a game stopper. Please don't be timid or tepid in your opinions about this. The whole idea is terrible from start to finish. And you don't really believe that Blizzard will stop at just forum posting, do ya? They're gonna take this whole craptastic RealID project all the way to the finish line if they can get away with it, e.g. real names right over players' heads and right in the chat screen. Don't think for a minute that this is over or that it will just sort of disappear off the radar screen. And the fact that some player in Dalaran could have an addon that displays my real name unbeknownst to me or other players? Creepy.

Authentication maintenance {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 4:43AM Same here. 4:43 here and still having login issues.

Upcoming class and item balance changes {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 4:45PM Yes, he did so promise me a pony, he did he did!

Quitting smoking in Azeroth {WoW}

Aug 6th 2009 4:31PM Way to go, Mike! I quit smoking 2 and 1/2 years ago after somking for almost 30 years. If I can do it, you know you can! What makes quitting a bit easier nowadays is that it is just not a socially accepted habit anymore like it used to be. But a big gratz out to ya, man!

Authentication server and official forums down [UPDATED x10] {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 5:20PM Just got in, babe! Hehe, now I can level my druid on The Scryers.