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Officers' Quarters: Ultimatum {WoW}

Jan 18th 2010 3:53PM My guild uses a simple Mainspec /roll then offspec /roll to distribute loot, however we commonly end up passing to whoever needs it the most. Very effective and zero drama. It is amusing when two people try to pass to each other.

How to level up through the Argent Tournament {WoW}

Mar 27th 2009 7:56PM Am I the only person who has tried the Argent Tournament and though it was really lame?

36 realms down for maintenance {WoW}

Jan 17th 2009 1:53PM What really sucks is that on Lightbringer, the Horde won WG a few mins before the server went down, and then when it came up about 30 mins later the battle was reset with Horde on D. We lost.

Crafted Death Knight tanking weapons removed from PTR {WoW}

Jan 10th 2009 2:26PM As a DK tank, I can not use my T7 legs because I will lose too much def, and the rest of the T7 also is short on def. I think Blizz is short changing DKs and putting them at a disadvantage. I was looking forward to the new weapons so I can up my crit and dps to help with threat.