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Developer resolution for 2009: Beat Warcraft {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 3:37AM well lets see the basic problems with each and every single argument that each of you present about other mmorpgs,
1 it has 500k users in (insert country here)
Okay, that is a fine argument for that country, it does not have any such relevance to possible international figures. That being said it might not appeal to players out side of that country.
2 An mmo just has to emulate wow as it is now not at launch.
Here's the deal with that, most companies that put mmos out into the world dont give a damn about finishing the game. Nor making it balanced, let me clarify that any free mmo and some pay to play have cash shops, and if you think that the balance in wow is broken try playing a f2p mmo that has a cash shop and try partisipating in pvp just try it go on i dare you to.
Also most companies just dont care. Blizzard have a company policy of never releasing a game untill it's ground work is finished, or in wow's case acceptable. IE things that can be updated of fixed in patches.