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BigRedKitty: Armor penetration stinks {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 2:11PM well and obviously the other alternative, ie: the warrior NOT using sunder armor, is a worthless outcome... you can have the 13k reduced to 9k reduced to 8k or so.... or you can get your full armor pen off a non-sundered 13k to make it 11.7k....... yea, damn those warriors

speaking from a mainly dk, hunter backup.... i hate armor pen, and haste for that matter

Breakfast Topic: Identity Crisis {WoW}

Jan 12th 2009 6:57PM I went into Wrath with 4 70s under my belt: priest/hunter/mage/rogue... all dps with the exception of my healer, whom i would only play if we had no others online. Took my hunter (main) into Northrend on day 1 of Wrath and got halfway to 71, logged and made my DK... and I've barely looked back.

I get dps above and beyond anyone I play with in pug's or guild, I can tank up to heroics, and after the patch, pretty much everything. I get mechanics that cross between rogue's energy, warrior's rage, and I get a pet/army... hard to pass up. Gives my guild an extra tank when needed or dps enough to blast through anything quickly.

Finally starting to level the 70s, but the DK is definitely the main now. One of the biggest factors in choosing who to focus on was the fact all my 70s are epicced out and wouldn't be getting gear for several levels.